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This entire pokebank fiasco could have been easily avoided if... (Archived)
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What is your team built around? (Archived)Fludkick712/28/2013
Evolving and Re-learning moves? (Archived)toon_link_346412/28/2013
Lol I just beat the champion with a single underleveled Aegislash (Archived)
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Breeding for Ivs is STILL too tedious (Archived)
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Advice on my Team? (Archived)blackrose198724712/28/2013
Well that settles it, there is no team using Zard Y that is going to get me... (Archived)Exaetellus112/28/2013
Does King's Rock stack with Serene Grace + Air Slash? (Archived)xoing999512/28/2013
If I wait for the release of the third version I will be missing Pokebank? (Archived)thiaguinhohp912/28/2013
Should I work on completing the PokeDex in previous generations? (Archived)MercuryEnigma212/28/2013
ya know i have a very hard time understanding about what is with pokebank?? (Archived)bluegirlfriend412/28/2013
Omg just got ..... (Archived)
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Forced update prevents online (Archived)Dave_rawkzorz312/28/2013
Will you be paying for Pokebank after the 30 day trial? (Poll)
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Which IV spread is best for HP Fire for Greninja? (Archived)Chenmaster2812/28/2013
Is it just me... (Archived)Mr_Ice_Pickle412/28/2013
Snivy and COntrary (Archived)Tripeiro2006912/28/2013
I bred a Ditto and Rattata (Archived)choicespec1012/28/2013
How good is pokecheck hack check? (Archived)Zerocrossings812/28/2013
Super Training (Archived)ragunna212/28/2013