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Favorite defensive ice type? (Poll)
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SkylaIsMyWife1812/14 10:41AM
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Do you love the fact that Gamefreak stops cheaters/hackers? (Poll)
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AceGamer11x9512/14 10:33AM
Wanting to get into competitive battling (Archived)elite_marksman312/14 10:32AM
If any of you had doubts about Sheer Force Feraligatr, he's REAL alright... (Archived)
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DeathChaos252112/14 10:31AM
Pokebank - Breeder's best friend (Archived)plasmawisp1713112/14 10:30AM
Will we ever get sheer force Freligator? (Archived)
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ktbandit1312/14 10:30AM
Did Blaziken use Brave Bird in the Pokebank Trailer? (Archived)obssesed_dude612/14 10:28AM
Ice/Bug, Dark/Bug,. Psychic/Bug, Ground/Bug (not Wormadam),, Bug/Water (Archived)GirlHope512/14 10:28AM
With the update will these LF: 5/6 IV Shiny Pokemon start to die down? (Archived)SazukeEX712/14 10:28AM
Things that have been here since gen 1 but stil piss you off. (Archived)
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pafbonk8012/14 10:28AM
Science is amazing (Archived)SalsaSavant412/14 10:28AM
The deleting of your pokemon from pokebank worries me (Archived)yzman1012/14 10:25AM