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What if Pokebank was delayed on purpose? (Archived)
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I hatched my first shiny!! (Archived)kinode412/28/2013
Question regarding STAB and SE (Archived)TacoOfTheOpera312/28/2013
Has someone already got a REAL 100 % COMPLETION of the POKEDEX? (Archived)
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Well that's interesting.... (Archived)Godly_Goof612/28/2013
Pokemon who took the 3d change really well? (Archived)
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Where do you go to hatch your eggs? (Poll)ssupermario92512/28/2013
thought on the inevitable pokebank release (Archived)toothpiq112/28/2013
How do you counter Farfetch? (Archived)
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What a deal! (Archived)FoundAUsername112/28/2013
I don't mind so much that bank was delayed but... Give us a release date! (Archived)
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Which Loogia set should I directly copy from smogon (Archived)
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Special Mega Lucario checks and counters? (Archived)
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Does anyone know what the Silver Card does? (Archived)
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Anybody wanna trade a mega mewtwo x stone for a y ? (Archived)jeuxxy212/28/2013
How do people play Pokemon competitively? It's so unbalanced. (Archived)ThatKipp712/28/2013
Gotta love those Japanese players with the legendaries........ (Archived)Mr_Golden_Sun212/28/2013
Pokeball in my Pokedex (Archived)MideonNViscera312/28/2013
Samurott looks so awesome this Gen! (Archived)reyray0709512/28/2013
Can somebody help me trade evolve a Pokemon? (Archived)nathanmaxtro312/28/2013