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Advice on rounding out this team? (Archived)DragonmanXD312/16 4:45PM
any chlyrophil type learn fire moves? (Archived)
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Rydis-Shiko1212/16 4:39PM
Will Jirachi be re-typed? (Archived)
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Wheeper1512/16 4:39PM
Can't connect after update? (Archived)ReiNoKato112/16 4:39PM
Well Trick Room Gengar was fun. (Archived)SazukeEX912/16 4:36PM
So, what are you going to Wonder Trade on Christmas? (Archived)
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Xigbar7773412/16 4:36PM
Making Riolu Evolve Question (Archived)InspirAsian412/16 4:35PM
Have you ever ragekilled something after many failed catch attempts? (Archived)Reptobismol212/16 4:35PM
Korrina's beauty. (Archived)IngSlayer1012/16 4:35PM
Let's say the RSE remakes are coming soon and you're in charge of the new megas (Archived)
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Chenmaster21412/16 4:32PM
question on friend safari (Archived)Maleficent74612/16 4:31PM
With the bank coming out (Archived)360pages112/16 4:30PM
Hows this for my Arcanine (Archived)Dante2049712/16 4:23PM
So I had a jolly sync pokemon for catching Zygarde. (Archived)ssb_master512/16 4:20PM
Shiny 5/6 IV pokemon for trade (Archived)DarkChild0829212/16 4:20PM
This MegaKlinklang looks so legit (Archived)
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FryDays50002412/16 4:18PM
Triples Strategy (Archived)
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PiemanEpic12251212/16 4:16PM
What theme will the starters have next gen according to region? (Archived)GangstaLizard95112/16 4:14PM
I got half of my team so far, what should the others be? (Archived)CarmeIo_Anthony112/16 4:12PM
Team Help Please (Archived)MegaMawile14812/16 4:10PM