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I need a 3rd moveset for Dusclops. (Archived)crunchy612612/7 9:41PM
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Ethanb9003512/7 9:30PM
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Male exclusive + HA + Egg Moves (Archived)Sheepboi91812/7 9:27PM
Every Pokemon's Mega Evolution has their BST increased by 100 besides Alakazam's (Archived)J_Applei912/7 9:26PM
Stunfisk still has Limber as one of its abilities. (Archived)
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TerminusEdge1612/7 9:20PM
Battle of the Crime Bosses! (Poll)
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Kylebe6111512/7 9:20PM
Any good OU Shaymin base form sets? (Archived)Graves124412/7 9:12PM
How to maximize my Haxorus? (Archived)Twilite_shards712/7 9:10PM
Barbaracle Nature (Archived)
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acotey891412/7 9:05PM
Any suggestions on what to do with this eevee? (Archived)darthmoose871012/7 9:00PM
I want to log some of these battles (Archived)loffter112/7 9:00PM
Goomy Question (Archived)Mr_Lotus512/7 8:58PM
Whic is better all around Dragon Dance Charizard X or normal build Charizard Y (Poll)
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SkeIeton3112/7 8:57PM
I know some people don't want more eeveelutions but ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster21112/7 8:52PM
dumb question: lets say you have two parents that have 6 perfect IVs (Archived)MrFingers07312/7 8:50PM
The only starter I see in wondertrade... (Archived)shadowray7412/7 8:45PM
Johto Starters? (Archived)cblood898812/7 8:44PM