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So I got lucky and have a Tepig now... (Archived)
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What does this expression in amie mean >_< (Archived)vanitas11512/27/2013
Anybody have a list of new egg moves thanks to pokebank? (Archived)SOAD5657312/27/2013
How long did it take to perfect your team... (Archived)Xerxes132812/27/2013
Breeding abilities... (Archived)xoing999512/27/2013
Here's hoping (Archived)1ultima312/27/2013
Just when I was going to start playing pokemon again... (Archived)
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Useful abilities outside of battle? (Archived)vanitas11612/27/2013
alternative milotic items? (Archived)random_noobie712/27/2013
Best battle animations? (Archived)Otters11812/27/2013
Does magnezone need any speed evs? (Archived)aydosv912/27/2013
stall sableye (Archived)kakashibob2512/27/2013
How long till Manaphy becomes Uber again? (Archived)JadeDragoon7912/27/2013
Best move set for Infernape? (Archived)LegendofDarkrai612/27/2013
Trying to learn to breed perfect IVs/HA. Who to practice? (Archived)
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All Future Battle Facilities Need... (Archived)ZombieTJ101112/27/2013
Can event pokemon not be put on the GTS? (Archived)
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So what time does pokebank release today? (Archived)
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How many people are gonna cry when pokebank doesnt get released till next year? (Archived)
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Do you consider hosting an event on wifi "hacking"? Do you mind it? (Poll)WolfJounin812/27/2013