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What to do... Just about out of box space (Archived)BMorgn661012/27/2013
So, during this short period of time where legends actually have value again... (Archived)
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I need help (Archived)Sl6anHareb912/27/2013
Further updates from Nintendo re: planned eShop outage (Archived)
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Pokemon bank still works (Archived)inFAMOUSJakey812/27/2013
How to easily kill Heatran with Talonflame (Archived)
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What an learn defog in Pokemon X and Y? (Archived)Chenmaster2312/27/2013
Best Moveset for Mega Charizard Y!? (Archived)thenewgodofwar1312/27/2013
Zygarde - Keep or reset? (Archived)jmtl412/27/2013
How is this specially defensive Aegislash build? (Archived)J_Applei612/27/2013
Best music in the game so far? (Archived)
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Does the Masuda method still work? (Archived)Ziaforce412/27/2013
So I got a Honedge from WT.. (Archived)Takaoldaria912/27/2013
Any news on Pokebak? (Archived)
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Is this Ditto okay for breeding, or do I need a better one? (Archived)Diayamondo812/27/2013
I'm torn! Which is the better baton passer to Snipedra? (Poll)Chenmaster2612/27/2013
When they next update the game, all I want.. (Archived)Froakiebloke612/27/2013
Which mega is better for my team? (Poll)
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Wonder Trade clear of fodder (Archived)
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Wonder Trade country grade (Archived)
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