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Arceus is the new Feebas. (Archived)
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Can someone tell me how to.... (Archived)coryKhaos612/27/2013
Did they fix pokebank yet? (Archived)KingChickadee912/27/2013
Oh it's ok....we only have to wait 2 more days than Japan for Pokemon Bank.... (Archived)
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...Why did Entei get Sacred Fire again? (Archived)
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Did GameFreak said something about the low number of Gen VI Pokemon? (Archived)
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Showed Genesect to Hiker in Ambrette (Archived)
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Will Empoleon get any better this gen? (Archived)Tomudall712/27/2013
Want a cheap laugh? (Archived)Masemune_100712/27/2013
Just hatched a perfect Shiny Piplup... (Archived)yyz668212/27/2013
What Vivillon can the US not get? (Archived)
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YR: We get Mega Typhlosion, but it has Drought and YZard's stat spread (Archived)Companion_Cube_912/27/2013
Anyone else able to get on eshop? (Archived)missymusic123512/27/2013
Can Phione breed with a ditto? (Archived)The_Catwoman25412/27/2013
Why exactly does Toxic have such a widespread distribution? (Archived)
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I love wonder trade (Archived)SherIock_HoImes112/27/2013
Has Nintendo of America clarified the date of the actual release of PokeBank? (Archived)TableFlip812/27/2013
Toxic Spikes Koffing (Archived)
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Feebas from wondertrade wut wut! (Archived)CyD13112/27/2013
pokebank legends and pokedex completion (Archived)adece91312/27/2013