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5IV, HA, 3 Egg Moves... (Archived)Sloth9230812/27/2013
Another failed egglocke. Another will start. (Archived)keflyn812/27/2013
Are Brock and Misty a bit overrated? (Archived)
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Eshop problems and X problems (Archived)gybugy1012/27/2013
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Building PokeBank team, need help (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer1012/27/2013
so i can train EVs... (Archived)fallenswords1012/27/2013
How do I counter ferrothorn and amoongus? My rain team keeps losing to them. (Archived)djiluvu441012/27/2013
My ranking on Showdown's OU ladder is 2260 (Archived)
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Are multi Battles seriously hated this much -_- (Archived)
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What are all the different ways you can get BP in this game? (Archived)xrayscope212/27/2013
what games are you playing while waiting on pokebank (Archived)
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Unable to trade wide guard mudkips (Archived)Blazingstorm512/27/2013
Vocal proponents and opponents of hacking are both the same (Archived)
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Poor Gallade (Archived)Turtleatlaw812/27/2013
You better pray that your Celebi has the correct IVs!!!!! (Archived)
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Is Iron Fist Infernape allowed online? (Archived)
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Stop using Xatu on non Rain/Sand teams (Archived)iKhan88512/27/2013
Which is the better empoleon build? (Archived)BlazeAssassin312/27/2013
Pokemon Bank Announcement (Archived)
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