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It's Tuesday, don't forget to catch a Rotom! (Archived)Shigmiya64811/26 10:04AM
Do you try for 5 perfect IVs, or do you settle for 4? (Archived)
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Noni3511/26 10:02AM
magnetric or gengar (Archived)nikhil925711/26 10:01AM
Would a 200 BP, non-sacrificing move be broken if it instead had this drawback? (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson1911/26 9:56AM
rate my team and help me decide something (Archived)nikhil925211/26 9:54AM
Ok quick question to anyone who used the Pokeradar chaining method. (Archived)heyitsthatguy11211/26 9:53AM
You can now clone your Pokemon... (Archived)
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LoveSquirtle2011/26 9:52AM
Bulky special attackers other than goodra? (Archived)
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gna6471611/26 9:48AM
can mega kangaskhan do 2x outrage? (Archived)
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djiluvu442811/26 9:48AM
My Friend told me people can now clone... seriously? (Archived)Zero97111/26 9:47AM
Pokemon Bank will attempt to disallow hacked 'mons (Archived)toozolt911/26 9:46AM
Changes I would make to the next Gen. Feel free to suggest your own! (Archived)PunkNeverDies911/26 9:45AM
Why do i suddenly have 8 new boxes, and a question regarding egg moves. (Archived)nfe0007511/26 9:43AM
Gonna start learning to breed perfect IVs on pokemon and I have a quick question (Archived)Tales_of_101611/26 9:41AM
Shedinja Counter (Archived)
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SolitaireD2711/26 9:40AM
That GTS filter (Archived)Plasma EXE411/26 9:35AM
Horde Question: Are the pokemon guaranteed to have at least one perfect stat? (Archived)Rogue Mutt411/26 9:34AM
Give your favorite Pokemon that doesn't have a signature move a signature move (Archived)
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adismaltheft7211/26 9:34AM
How to hatch eggs while you are asleep or at school! (Archived)
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FizzyFloat1111/26 9:34AM
Magneton out speeding Greninja? (Archived)
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Legionx211211/26 9:31AM