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ehh, so 3 pokemon free point in entry hazard pokemon? (Archived)gna647212/26 11:44AM
I can confirm that for Pokedex completion you do not need: (Archived)
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Trapinchfinder1512/26 11:40AM
Is this a good spread for an adament larvitar (Archived)EPICBOAT312/26 11:37AM
Chances of them fixing it all today and releasing Pokebank on original said date (Archived)
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X-KID902912/26 11:36AM
Playing without the patch? (Archived)rush_tam512/26 11:36AM
Damn you GameFreak, I want my Pokebank and I need it now! (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z512/26 11:32AM
emolga is avoiding me (Archived)wobbuffet10512/26 11:24AM
Just got the game/read the stickies but a question. (Archived)Cj_WlLL_VVlN512/26 11:23AM
Confused about Friend Safari Hidden Abilities (Archived)Zero3696612/26 11:16AM
Friends not showing on PSS (Archived)radvaz11612/26 11:15AM
Was Sheer force nidoqueen ever released? (Archived)playingrobot912/26 11:10AM
Just got a 5IV Frillish without even trying MM (Archived)
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GShadowBroker2012/26 11:08AM
Your Reaction: IVs are removed in Gen VII (Archived)
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MrFirestar2712/26 11:03AM
Noob Help - I have all legit Event Pokemon and 995 Rare Candies (Archived)vejeta912/26 11:01AM
Trading mega stones (Archived)marlio8112/26 11:01AM
How much time... (Archived)BigPapaSnorlax312/26 10:57AM
The Jellicent+Ferrothorn core not as good anymore? (Archived)
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ssjlucario3412/26 10:56AM
Snivy with flamethrower .. just wtf (Archived)
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gakend01512/26 10:49AM
Nintendo is back (Archived)
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Traitor_Kratos3112/26 10:46AM
god damn this is probably the best prediction i've ever made (Archived)gna647112/26 10:45AM