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is breeding for hidden power still worth it now with its 60BP ? (Archived)
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What is Nurse Joy? (Poll)
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What do you think of these Fakevolutions? (Archived)GangstaLizard95112/27/2013
Is there any possible way this Entei is legit? (Archived)
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Did Porygon get any new toys this gen? (Archived)Xigbar777512/27/2013
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What would be better on Whimsicott..... Attract, Protect, or Stun Spore? (Archived)spealfan444612/27/2013
Best time to do EV training? (Archived)eurytomid712/27/2013
I kind of feel bad *spoilers* (Archived)
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Flare the Echidna1312/27/2013
Restarting my Y. Wonderlock challenge or Starter challenge. 1 from each gen (Archived)giants9281712/27/2013
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