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when is earliest you can get shiny charm? (Archived)wolfwing412/27/2013
Are "anti-hackers" too stubborn to quit breeding/bicycle simulator? (Archived)
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I got a 6IV Modest Piplup and idk what to do with it (Archived)joshuasorianoii812/27/2013
Fun Passerby Battle (Archived)OriginallyAlex212/27/2013
Most attractive Pokemon? (Archived)
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What if they never release Bank and instead (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh412/27/2013
How unlucky am I? (Archived)GravityPrism212/27/2013
How am I supposed to catch Moltres? (Archived)
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Is Zoroark useful anymore...? (Archived)
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Snivy or other starters for an oshawott (Archived)Pokefanman12212/27/2013
Breeding. Good Question (Archived)tonyiskira412/27/2013
Making a set for a modest lapras (Archived)shadowtemari512/27/2013
Dark Void Smeargle problems? Here's how you fix it. (Archived)Great_Reapette712/27/2013
How to deal with dark void smeargle (Archived)
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Sleep clause should exist in Battle Institute (Archived)sonic2307112/27/2013
Pokemon Hackers. (Archived)IngSlayer612/27/2013
Unable to trade a pokemon I bred in game? (Archived)TemjinZero212/27/2013
You think there's going to be a Beach Episode in the XY saga? (Archived)GangstaLizard95412/27/2013
Nickname for Whimiscott? (Archived)
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Lol Gyarados is a beast (Archived)
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