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Next gen pokemon should expand to 3 types max per pkmn... (Archived)
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Rudebwoy_X1612/13 12:45PM
GameFreak just pulled a YouTube (Archived)
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silentsagan3012/13 12:42PM
Any breeders outside of the U.S.? (Archived)basilisk1987112/13 12:39PM
Does anyone else wish you could get a Team Flare outfit in this game? (Archived)
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Bat1781612/13 12:31PM
How do I get a hidden ability corphish/crawdaunt? (Archived)The_Juice_512/13 12:30PM
what's the best gen 6 move, pokemon, and ability? (Archived)TheFAQKing412/13 12:26PM
It's funny how, without instachecker, people *think* they're getting scammed. (Archived)
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Roc_Raida1412/13 12:19PM
If I download 1.2, can I delete 1.1? (Archived)AzureKite18212/13 12:18PM
Rate my "The Chosen Olympians" Team (Archived)
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gbaandpcfreak1412/13 12:15PM
I aint trustin no bank to holds ma Pokemon (Archived)KingCafe212/13 12:14PM
Am I really the only getting sick of the heavy RNG reliance in the series? (Archived)Larsa_Britdor612/13 12:05PM
Shiny breeding without Instacheck (Archived)N4D13LOLZ512/13 12:02PM
Team Building Suggestion (Archived)ssssss1212112/13 12:02PM
Loving this so far. (Archived)PlatinumBD212/13 12:00PM
When chaining for Pokemon in the grass, is it possible to... (Archived)lennethsoki212/13 11:55AM
what type have you used through the game but never makes it to the champ ? (Archived)SlyGamer1979412/13 11:54AM
Anyone else is just gonna use the 1 month trial to transfer old gen pokes (Archived)
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wwwgippal21612/13 11:54AM
How long will this take... (Archived)
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Bugorchestra2112/13 11:52AM
A couple of shinies I don't want (Archived)Sora_Kaida212/13 11:48AM
double battle question (Archived)2wentythre3312/13 11:42AM