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Bandwagon Jump of the Day #1: -Aegislash- (Poll)
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RotomGuy31711/24 2:57PM
Should I bother with Dragonite? (Archived)neonplanets1011/24 2:57PM
I really want to try Doubles, but I have no idea where to start (Archived)endergamer537811/24 2:55PM
Best place to run around (for breeding?) (Archived)
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Pokebaldy1311/24 2:54PM
GTS trades legendaries (Archived)vedoris86511/24 2:54PM
What do you think about cloning? (Archived)Crayonmuffin1011/24 2:54PM
If you remember this... (Archived)Second_Hokage311/24 2:53PM
Is Bug Bite not an egg move for Scyther? (Archived)meestermj711/24 2:50PM
The many pains of breeding (Archived)ssj1lucario111/24 2:50PM
Checks and Counters (Archived)darkdragonflame111/24 2:47PM
Celebrate (Archived)gameraz911/24 2:45PM
Questions About Volcarona Moveset (Archived)
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walden_emrys1311/24 2:37PM
Boomburst Exploud is the best. (Archived)
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Jmandal1411/24 2:32PM
Most Over-used Mega Evo? (Archived)
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RLutece1611/24 2:32PM
What prehistoric animal will the next Fossil Pokemon will be based on? (Archived)
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GangstaLizard953111/24 2:31PM
Why Won't Riolu Inherit Ice Punch (Archived)
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waffles10291411/24 2:29PM
Goomy the lord our rain stall (Rain stall Goomy) (Archived)MetaDeDeDe111/24 2:23PM
What you first thought when you saw a certain Pokemon. (Archived)
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teamaquashock2811/24 2:22PM
Typical rate my team topic (Archived)ImFelix211/24 2:19PM
Every 6th gen Pokemon as a gameboy sprite. (Archived)fallenKlNG911/24 2:19PM