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Shinies are so common now, I half expect to run into a SUPER shiny while hunting (Archived)Mattata51012/6 5:19PM
This almost feels a little unfair, honestly (Archived)
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MaruKazeryu1212/6 5:08PM
Mega kanghaskan (Archived)itachi00812/6 5:08PM
YR: Mega Milotic is Water/Fairy with Multiscale? (Archived)
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DigiDude771912/6 5:00PM
I'm kicking myself right now. (Archived)Godstriker8512/6 4:57PM
Just hatched a legit shiny perfect Poke (Archived)chew_man3512/6 4:55PM
How do you get legendaries from previous generations? (Archived)Shadowmox312/6 4:54PM
How to be sure egg moves aren't deleted from parents' movesets? (Archived)gunsndroses612/6 4:53PM
I want to make the most predictable team ever and see how many wins i get (Archived)djmetal777812/6 4:52PM
Question on egg moves (Archived)scruffylooking412/6 4:48PM
What were your main-game nicknames? (Archived)
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kukiburra2212/6 4:47PM
What is a good EV spread for Tyranitar? (Archived)Knighted Dragon812/6 4:39PM
Idea: Individual HM Slot (Poll)DeadPresidents2912/6 4:39PM
Skamory: Physically or Specially defensive? (Poll)calender68312/6 4:37PM
Is nurse joy a cyborg? (Archived)
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MagneticSpark1212/6 4:34PM
Charizard X Teammates (Archived)Ghost_61636612/6 4:33PM
Issue regarding PSS (Archived)21_21912/6 4:32PM
Whats the most unpredictable pokemon to use on showdown? (Archived)djmetal7771012/6 4:30PM
Question about tailwind in double battles. (Archived)JPSVR612/6 4:15PM
I can't find the Mega Stones! (Archived)Bugorchestra612/6 4:14PM