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Is it possible to get a Bulletproof Chespin at the start of the game? (Archived)MariaAlteration412/25 12:51PM
ITT: Epic remixes of Pokemon soundtrack (all gens) *possible spoilers* (Archived)XxOblivion77112/25 12:50PM
Once the Pokemon Bank Free Trial is Over. (Archived)
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Hoozah1235812/25 12:46PM
I got a Shiny Snivy, anyone recommend a good moveset? (Archived)Model_Omega612/25 12:42PM
Super Training - Aegislash (Archived)AshoftheKahn612/25 12:42PM
There is no anti hack check (Archived)Heroicmoises812/25 12:39PM
Christmas Eevee Giveaway (Archived)
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MasterM3w3612/25 12:36PM
Does Battle Maison Multi Battle have Chatelaines? (Archived)King_of_Flan312/25 12:35PM
Any illegal combinations like Wish+Aromatherapy Blisseys? (Archived)Chenmaster2712/25 12:31PM
Hidden abilities appearing in FS when other player isn't online... (Archived)xoing999612/25 12:31PM
Idk if old or not (Archived)SwOlo_NuMzZ812/25 12:29PM
Merry Christmas Gamefaqs! I'm about to wondertrade a shiny... (Archived)IronVenom712/25 12:28PM
Give an RU or NU pokemon a signature move to make it OU or Uber (Archived)
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iKhan881312/25 12:28PM
They should make a base 60 power Fairy type move that all pokemon can learn (Archived)iKhan881012/25 12:27PM
Anything i can't get through trading? (Archived)Sivrak412/25 12:26PM
Does anyone know if these transferred signature moves also got changed? (Archived)-Unowninator-812/25 12:25PM
Favorite Pokemon from each gen (ordered or not) (Archived)
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Lord_Ichmael1512/25 12:24PM
Should I play Black or White 1/2 first? (Archived)Soldier_0_Cross412/25 12:20PM
Hidden abilities (Archived)strike12elbows212/25 12:16PM
Anyone figure out if Serperior gets Contrary? (Archived)kingtrace1012/25 12:15PM