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Where can I find the guy who lets you forget HM's (Archived)Soljah211/25 1:01PM
If the following people were Pokemon (Archived)
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bwebber172011/25 1:01PM
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Bulky offense core (Archived)Megajazzer311/25 12:58PM
How do I get a Squirtle with Aura Sphere and Dragon Pulse as egg moves? (Archived)Retora411/25 12:53PM
RMT: VGC 2014 edition (Archived)
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RatheV1611/25 12:52PM
Pokemon Amie Has An Unexpected Downside! (Archived)Rodimus_Prime911/25 12:48PM
Breeding a Houndour with Flash Fire? (Archived)
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Epicgnome1111/25 12:47PM
Can I use Perish Song + Whirlpool and move out before the songs timer runs out? (Archived)MegaDuran211/25 12:46PM
What is the maximum National Dex completion before Bank goes live? (Archived)
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SpoonMan543211311/25 12:45PM
I want darmanitan but I don't have black or white (Archived)King_of_donkeys511/25 12:45PM
Does anyone have any good Honchkrow sets? (Archived)dj4242711/25 12:45PM
Masuda you idiot! (Archived)
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warnerbroman1111/25 12:44PM
So here's a thought (Archived)TheGreatDebate211/25 12:39PM
Zoey Proasheck's Pokemon XY Series! (Archived)metagross111311/25 12:33PM
Battle Maison 100 streak? (Archived)ethan814511/25 12:33PM
Best designed gen 6 pokemon? (Archived)
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King_of_donkeys1211/25 12:33PM
My gen 6 tier predictions (Archived)
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iKhan884311/25 12:30PM
tailed beast party (Archived)
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OOD1811/25 12:27PM