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Be nice if GF gave us a Shiny Zigzagoon everytime they do a patch (Archived)13121987312/27/2013
Are all two-turn moves useless? (Archived)
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For someone who was asking about a HA Sceptile with Unburden... (Archived)playingrobot112/27/2013
Pokemon Bank is delayed? (Archived)
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GTS is frustrating (Archived)GShadowBroker1012/27/2013
Does Weavile get Play Rough as an egg move? (Archived)FryDays5000412/27/2013
YR: As a "Please Understand" move, Ninty throws in Volcanion for Bank relaunch (Archived)
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Is the EShop fixed yet? (Archived)navi854412/27/2013
How good is this Infernape? (Archived)Nathbuds123412/27/2013
Should I be concerned about Cresselia this gen? (Archived)Chenmaster2912/27/2013
Did you trade a legendary for pokebank pokemon or shiny? (Poll)LadyCenobia712/27/2013
Why are Meowth and Koffing so damn rare? T_T (Archived)
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So it looks like I have a HA Treeko. I have some questions. (Archived)CaptainRandom11012/27/2013
Your Online Rival (Archived)
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The credits song... (Archived)kinode112/27/2013
best shiny AND competitve Eevee (Archived)deathbycookies312/27/2013
As I've said before, always fun when Togekiss users hate paraflinching (Archived)GilgameshSwords512/27/2013
My first shiny ever and its a FREAKING FEEBAS!! (Archived)
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Anyone have poor luck with getting 5iv Ditto? (Archived)Diayamondo512/27/2013
YR: Dark Types now resist Fairy (Archived)fawful_X712/27/2013