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Is there any Dark types that could function as walls? (Archived)
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This is kinda late but... Pokemon Christmas Carols! (Archived)TableFlip512/27/2013
Did you get the three shiny Creation Trio from GamestoP/ (Poll)
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Somebody needs to put a regi in (Archived)gavinlee999412/27/2013
So Gamefreak has failed again (Archived)
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Well I feel bad now... (Wonder Trade) (Archived)
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Breeding Calculator for XY available yet? (Archived)FoundAUsername312/27/2013
Passing down regular abilities in breeding (Archived)Alospaz312/27/2013
What iv for larvesta? (Archived)
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Does the 3D not turn on for anybody else? (Archived)lizard81288312/27/2013
In which city is this poke bank? (Archived)AlexxPB912/27/2013
does the chances change of breeding a HA pokemon if I.... (Archived)MrFingers07112/27/2013
Just caught a Shiny, Timid, Sniper Horsea. (Archived)moneyman82512/27/2013
Question regarding pokebank (Archived)Alexoneill77777312/27/2013
Need help nicknaming my Cloyster (Archived)
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Metal Gear Raxis1712/27/2013
****ing confusion hax (Archived)Azure_Flame512/27/2013
Question(s) about Chain Fishing (Archived)moneyman82512/27/2013
YR: Nintendo Decides not to allow transfers from gen 6 to 7 (Archived)
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I think there's an air pollution problem in one of my boxes. (Archived)Xigbar777912/27/2013
How much harder has your existence become now that Pokebank has been delayed? (Poll)
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