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Just started playing last night. Does XP remain abundant throughout? (Archived)
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Flare the Echidna1512/25 9:44PM
The Gates to Infinity have opened in Pokemon Banks release. Is this Good or Bad? (Poll)
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DarkKirby25001112/25 9:43PM
Hackers forgivable? (Poll)
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fedartz4012/25 9:40PM
Soul Silver to B2 to Pokemon X (Archived)Xerathyn712/25 9:39PM
My dad asked me what I wanted for Christmas pt.2 - results (Archived)
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GoldenSWarriors1112/25 9:36PM
My whole battle plan fell through (Archived)pikachuboy71012/25 9:29PM
What's a good item for Infernape? (Archived)Shigmiya64212/25 9:29PM
Do you think the guys at GF like to hack (Poll)yoshirulezzz712/25 9:29PM
Why is Mega Kangaskhan Banned? (Archived)
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DusterZeroG14912/25 9:27PM
Are ultimate moves banned from competitive battling? (Archived)
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slgrandolph1512/25 9:26PM
what's the best way to check IVs for lvl 1 pokemons? (Archived)poldual912/25 9:23PM
Is it true that hacked pokemon eventually disable the rest of your pokes... (Archived)Bill_E_Sharp912/25 9:23PM
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Personal experiences (Archived)Hawkeyes_Mihawk112/25 9:05PM