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What would you say holds back Delphox the most? (Archived)
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paipr1512/15 11:13AM
What happened to Instant Check? (Archived)
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xJehodx3712/15 11:10AM
May someone explain this? (Archived)TableFlip712/15 11:10AM
Is there no rain on any of the routes today? (Archived)GilgameshSwords812/15 11:08AM
What do you think of Machamp? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer412/15 11:08AM
Spoilers - I HATED the final battle! (Archived)
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SgtCashmere2112/15 11:05AM
How many do you have on your dex? (Archived)Mayapooch1012/15 11:01AM
Pokemon you were really excited for but ultimately where disappointed with. (Archived)
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paipr7012/15 10:59AM
The heatran/ bird legendary (Archived)
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angus_hunter2002912/15 10:58AM
Best anti-leads this gen? (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon212/15 10:58AM
No!!!!! (Archived)
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Justwanttolook1812/15 10:58AM
Sure or Hydro Pump on Kingdra? (Archived)Chenmaster2412/15 10:57AM
what is up with wonder trade today (Archived)pokenoms312/15 10:57AM
Is it possible to somewhat easily obtain 5IV pokemon outside of X/Y? (Archived)ColoredStars92312/15 10:57AM
Should I keep this Gligar? (Archived)Tokiuro412/15 10:55AM
How many lvl 100s do you have? (Archived)
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ineeddrugz3112/15 10:49AM
Any way to easily clean boxes of pokemons? (Archived)morlock30512/15 10:42AM
Arcanine Build? (Archived)
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gumir2012/15 10:42AM
how fun to run mono dragon ingam (Archived)JelmeKahn912/15 10:41AM
Mega Evolution (Archived)
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TrainerAura2712/15 10:41AM