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Best place for leveling up in small boosts? (Archived)Emi3280911/26 9:12AM
D-did I just get Xerneas......for Arbok? (Archived)
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legendrider2711/26 9:08AM
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Happy Hour (Archived)KaradurAtani411/26 9:02AM
This has to be the ultimate troll team (Archived)
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kclaujames2411/26 8:52AM
Kabutops on rain team, EV investment? (Archived)joey11223311/26 8:52AM
Last member of rain team? (Archived)joey11223311/26 8:51AM
Lucario kills MegaKanga. Stop crying already. (Archived)
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King_of_Flan2611/26 8:43AM
Where/how to find Infiltrator Crobat? (Archived)AgressiveSmurf311/26 8:42AM
What if Pokemon was a reflection of real life ethics? (Archived)
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EvilKoala2211/26 8:39AM
Illumise / volbeat (Archived)Karmacode1311/26 8:34AM
So looking to build a Battle Maison team around Mega Kangaskan (Archived)mtbelley111/26 8:32AM
Is Heliolisk Best Electric Type? (Archived)
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LazHarshaw4411/26 8:28AM
Wow im slow (Archived)Dante2049511/26 8:24AM
if there is one pokemon capable of defeating the E4+Champion, which would it be? (Archived)
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Falchionne1811/26 8:22AM
My first 6IVs Perfect Pokemon! (Archived)ronsocute124511/26 8:21AM
"Nice" (Archived)
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brutalhits3911/26 8:19AM
Egg moves? (Archived)ThretZ511/26 8:18AM
Mega Latios gets Contrary!! (Archived)
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hodelino2011/26 8:16AM