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Would anyone like to trade an Ekans/Aron over to me? (Archived)Perascamin212/7 4:37PM
Making a protein Archen for 2v2. Set list: (Archived)
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loffter1112/7 4:30PM
Breeding question: Gastrodon (Archived)Sephiroth0327312/7 4:17PM
So I decided it's best to make a rant topic about the Pokemon Generation Today (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer2212/7 4:15PM
Would you say Pokemon X/Y are the best 3DS games up to this point? (Poll)
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Rupin_Salesman2612/7 4:11PM
Help me round out my Mega Charizard X moveset (Archived)KazeRonin357912/7 4:10PM
I can't decide if I want a Jolly or Adamant physical Charizard. (Archived)TheFAQKing812/7 4:10PM
ITT : We praised Gamefreak (Archived)Hachimitsu83112/7 4:07PM
What's the strategy for getting an immunity Gligar? (Archived)
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TheFAQKing1112/7 4:04PM
About Sceptile... (Archived)thiaguinhohp312/7 4:04PM
If they had made Ice resist Fairy... (Archived)DigiDude77412/7 4:03PM
Really want an Infernape (Archived)Shigmiya641012/7 3:58PM
Has Scrafty changed much in the new gen? (Archived)
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ExMechaGodzilla1412/7 3:54PM
I REALLY love my new team ^^ (Archived)
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DemiseEnd2312/7 3:52PM
Has it been announced that we'll be getting more DLC mega poke/stones? (Archived)Aurawhisperer212/7 3:42PM
Hold item that works like Magic Bounce that consumes itself like Focus Sash. (Archived)
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hikaru_beoulve1412/7 3:38PM
would ghost/fighting be good? (Archived)
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Omega40701112/7 3:38PM
11 Whole Boxes of Masuda Method Petilils later and still no shiny... (Archived)
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DeathChaos251312/7 3:32PM
Flareon. (Archived)aydosv312/7 3:26PM
I'm watching the Genesect movie, and I really like how progressive pokemon is. (Archived)_Walcott_612/7 3:25PM