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is contrary snivy a thing now? (Archived)
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Version 1.2 sleep mode + SD card errors? (Archived)Aznhermykid112/26/2013
What nature and Ivs for a Xerneas? (Archived)Diayamondo212/26/2013
Why is my hidden ability not passing down? (Archived)CChamp27712/26/2013
Is there some kind of hold item that increases move accuracy? (Archived)gna647412/26/2013
Pokebank... (Archived)Wyvern56812/26/2013
Why isn't there a more coherent theme for the Fire Starts? (Archived)Turtleatlaw1012/26/2013
Pokemon Bank removed from Japanese eShop. Western release unclear (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP13912/26/2013
You can transfer pokemon that know HM moves right? (Archived)
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best 4 attack moves for goodra? (Archived)gna647612/26/2013
I can't wait to make a deposit in Brigette's Pokemon Bank. (Archived)NaughtyGhost1012/26/2013
Your reaction: PokeBank never put online worldwide again. (Archived)
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Right way? (Archived)Bad_Guy121012/26/2013
There's a timeline story going on with these topics (Archived)cgreenw712/26/2013
Is HA Treecko legit? (Archived)
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My god, treecko looks ugly (Archived)
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How are certain abilities (supposed to be) unlocked? (Archived)BlazeAssassin312/26/2013
So now that USA date is TBD... (Archived)
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holy **** at this battle lol. (Archived)gna647712/26/2013
Pokemon Fans in Japan... (Archived)X-KID90512/26/2013