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How soon after you start the game can you trade? (Archived)ADono4212/27/2013
Since Pokebank came out in Japan... (Archived)
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Porygon Z breeding (Archived)Innocent_baby412/27/2013
How comon are legit Iron Fist Chimchars? (Archived)Kapuxa612/27/2013
Breeding Togepi (Archived)
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GTS question (Archived)giants9281512/27/2013
I dont get why people feel the need to hack and RNG and bring those Pokemon here (Archived)
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Arceus in Pokemon X and Y? (Archived)IreneGirl12112/27/2013
Is there any place in this game where there's no background music? (Archived)-Unowninator-912/27/2013
Mismagius got buffed! (Archived)
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Having Trouble with Klefki and Mawile? Here's how you stop them (Archived)Th3Birdman912/27/2013
can anyone assist me with a pokedex entry for articuno (Archived)cmh92312/27/2013
This is probably the greatest battle I've ever had. (Archived)
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So close to completing pokedex (Need some help) (Archived)
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Wishful Thinking... (Archived)eastboundcolton612/27/2013
Starf and Lanset berry (Archived)PokeMin111312/27/2013
Are these 6IV Shiny Latias roaming around hacked or real? (Archived)thenewgodofwar1812/27/2013
The finer details of PokeBank? (Archived)
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Is this a terrible idea? (Archived)Number43312/27/2013
So is Soul Dew even in this game? (Archived)
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