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Wonder Trade /Release (Archived)
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SaneEscapee2212/19 4:44AM
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 60 - Phantump vs. Clawitzer QUARTERFINALS (Poll)
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kirbydude3851512/19 4:43AM
Do I need pokebank? (Archived)
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Pikachu2221112/19 4:41AM
a few questions (Archived)devilinops612/19 4:38AM
Is Speed relevant on Togekiss ...? (Archived)tarzanmx512/19 4:23AM
Is Manaphy needed for shining charm? (Archived)wolfwing712/19 4:22AM
Small worry about Pokebank (Archived)NarikoKuroAme912/19 4:21AM
People who don't enjoy breeding shouldn't play Pokemon (Archived)
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Pupu275512/19 4:21AM
Why don't passers-by accept battle requests when they ask for one? (Archived)GShadowBroker512/19 4:16AM
Will we ever be able to take our character's hat off? (Archived)NiinjaDylan612/19 4:08AM
Most depressing breeding rejects you've gotten? (Archived)
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The_Juice_2512/19 3:59AM
We need better topics. (Archived)Traitor_Kratos312/19 3:50AM
How long does it take for battle chateau to be good? (Archived)geno21612/19 3:50AM
Crazy EV spread for Volcarona? HP/Speed or am I crazy? (Archived)KazeRonin357412/19 3:37AM
Doubles RMT (Archived)
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DrunkenPilot721412/19 3:34AM
Which inanimate object would you like to be turned into a pokemon? (Poll)
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yoshirulezzz5112/19 3:29AM
Do we know the base stats for the 3 hidden mons? (Archived)superstud69x212/19 3:20AM
I need an advice about a hard breeding.. My first competitive pkmn. (Archived)MikeoftheDesert1012/19 3:17AM
IV/EV question (Archived)kittycatcorn612/19 3:11AM
A video that somewhat highlights the concept of IV breeding, and why it's (Archived)
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360pages3912/19 3:06AM