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What do you guys think of this idea.... (Archived)Blackheart0184212/27/2013
What does this symbol mean? (Archived)Beenabo712/27/2013
What would be better on Whimsicott..... Attract, Protect, or Stun Spore? (Archived)spealfan444612/27/2013
Best time to do EV training? (Archived)eurytomid712/27/2013
I kind of feel bad *spoilers* (Archived)
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Flare the Echidna1312/27/2013
Restarting my Y. Wonderlock challenge or Starter challenge. 1 from each gen (Archived)giants9281712/27/2013
Suggest improvements for my team please. (Archived)morlock30712/27/2013
Whyyyyyyyyy Sceptile? (Archived)SirPikachu512/27/2013
What should I name my Purrloin? (Archived)Devin879612/27/2013
Question about Froakie (Archived)Fenris2142212/27/2013
Is there any Dark types that could function as walls? (Archived)
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This is kinda late but... Pokemon Christmas Carols! (Archived)TableFlip512/27/2013
Did you get the three shiny Creation Trio from GamestoP/ (Poll)
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Somebody needs to put a regi in (Archived)gavinlee999412/27/2013
So Gamefreak has failed again (Archived)
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Well I feel bad now... (Wonder Trade) (Archived)
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Breeding Calculator for XY available yet? (Archived)FoundAUsername312/27/2013
Passing down regular abilities in breeding (Archived)Alospaz312/27/2013
What iv for larvesta? (Archived)
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Does the 3D not turn on for anybody else? (Archived)lizard81288312/27/2013