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So when someone says a pokemon has a full 6 ivs... (Archived)
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omgitsjustme1212/4 3:41AM
Is random online battling still fun even if you are new? (Archived)Shodan03212/4 3:31AM
Using Mega Stones before upgrading Mega Ring (Archived)Kira_Elric2412/4 3:29AM
What do I need out of my first non-ditto parent for breeding? (Archived)BlazeAssassin212/4 3:28AM
question about the everstone! (Archived)thalassic212/4 3:26AM
Could Beedrill function as a psuedo-Focus Energy Kingdra in lower tiers? (Archived)RHCP777712/4 3:24AM
This is now the only pokemon you can use in PVP: (Archived)
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HHDeception2412/4 3:21AM
Changing my 3DS..what happens to pokemon? (Archived)TheResidentEvil312/4 2:53AM
I'm sitting here spamming the refresh button on the order page (Archived)Glockass1512/4 2:43AM
whoa, what the crud, SHE'S Team Flare?! (Archived)
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crunchy6123812/4 2:26AM
Just had the luckiest breeding moment =D (Archived)trannypack312/4 2:26AM
What Elite Four members/Champions have other occupations? (Archived)
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SuperJoshi071512/4 2:26AM
Your team Nicknames? (Archived)
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SOAD56576812/4 2:25AM
How can I counter a snorlax? (Archived)
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BR0DE01512/4 2:03AM
Are there many special mega kangaskhans out there? (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon412/4 2:01AM
If red and cynthia were to have a battle (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn4112/4 2:00AM
Stall/Wall question (Archived)EndsInfamous412/4 2:00AM
So I've been using a special Lucario lately... (Archived)
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Reginleif201112/4 1:59AM
PokeBank question... (Archived)deoxyscyclone412/4 1:53AM
What opens up post game? (Archived)Stanemac12312/4 1:46AM