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Give your favorite Pokemon that doesn't have a signature move a signature move (Archived)
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adismaltheft7211/26 9:34AM
How to hatch eggs while you are asleep or at school! (Archived)
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Magneton out speeding Greninja? (Archived)
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Legionx211211/26 9:31AM
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Would you buy a FRLGY/RSE Port on the android/iphone/E Shop if...? (Archived)
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djmetal7771211/26 9:24AM
Gardevoir Replacement? (Archived)TheDarkJeditX911/26 9:22AM
What is the best combination to maximize efficiency with the Ability 'Pickup' (Archived)NewAnimeFanDV511/26 9:22AM
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D-did I just get Xerneas......for Arbok? (Archived)
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legendrider2711/26 9:08AM
Thank you based Arceus!! (Archived)Rzul111/26 9:02AM
Short question about EV contributions (Archived)IndigoIce311/26 9:02AM