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Apparently Pokebank is available at your local retailer. (Archived)J_Applei1012/27/2013
Someone who has access to the Japanese pokebank on here. (Archived)360pages212/27/2013
How do I change passersby = english only? (Archived)
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Since Nintendo messed up... (Archived)TickleTub1012/27/2013
Anyone tried to transfer pokestar studios characters yet (Archived)kadabrium712/27/2013
Are ability changers permanent for the battle they're used? (Archived)Stanemac12212/27/2013
Which 6th gen pokemon can take down blissey/chansey (Archived)
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Honestly, stuff like hacking should be promoted (Archived)
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so this passerby..surprised me big time (Archived)kai013312/27/2013
Instructions on Cloning (Archived)The_Undest112/27/2013
na eshop working (Archived)
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How do you pronounce Beheeyem? (Archived)ArmoredGuns812/27/2013
About Korrina's extra Lucario (Archived)kirbymariomega412/27/2013
A Question real fast (Archived)Baku00312/27/2013
To all those bilingual players (Poll)NachoCrunk912/27/2013
Does HA infernape pass wifi checks? (Archived)javel341012/27/2013
so does anyone know with the release of pokebank, did it unlock anything else? (Archived)ToborTheRobot412/27/2013
Heres a something for you guys while waiting for 7 gen for another 3-4 years :) (Archived)
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If Bank Takes Its Time, How Should Nintendo Distract Players? (Archived)
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Kangaskhan in Glittering Cave..... How? (Archived)
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