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Am I a bad parent? (Archived)wobbuffet10312/26/2013
Any cool Egg/Relearner/Level up moves for Pokebank Pokemon? (Archived)Wyvern56512/26/2013
What's this pokebank anyways? (Archived)
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Why did Worry Seed miss here? (Archived)
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Feraligatr doubles help (Archived)
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Poke transporter and white 2 (Archived)Xerathyn812/26/2013
Anyone want a pokemon that was previously unobtainable? (Archived)couchtater4444812/26/2013
Pokebank is now working! (Archived)
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Any way for eevee to evolve into sylveon with this moveset? (Archived)thediaoman1012/26/2013
Which pokemon movie to watch? (Archived)
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Well they started the eShop maintenance. (Archived)Soul_of_Yveltal112/26/2013
Stop with all the posts complaining about entitlement (Archived)Jmandal1012/26/2013
Is a HA Gyarados Possible? (Archived)Yoshi_Scaper512/26/2013
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What time frames are considered "night"? (Archived)mattmattmatt86912/26/2013
I finally got the game! (Archived)Gen0408912/26/2013
So much buttmad on this board all of a sudden... (Archived)
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What happens when I Pokebank pokemon with unacceptable names in Gen 6? (Archived)Godstriker81012/26/2013
Please continue with the entitlement. (Archived)VandalCrown1012/26/2013
Game Sync Issues (Archived)Turtleatlaw312/26/2013