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Help Me Choose My Next Competitive Pokemon (Archived)
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MegaMawile141312/10 11:39AM
For people who had a second run (Archived)Pupu27212/10 11:37AM
Flabebe Breeding Question (Archived)Tubbus312/10 11:36AM
Anyone ever run Red's team and just go battle randoms? (Archived)
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_wwKd_1212/10 11:33AM
How do you get a good ditto (Archived)Adumigan212/10 11:30AM
Gyarados needs Gale Wings (Archived)
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KRDsonic1312/10 11:20AM
Phanpy egg moves (Archived)Kr3bs212/10 11:19AM
Hold Item For Arcanine? (Archived)Mr_Lotus612/10 11:19AM
Just bred my childhood favorites dream team. I can't wait to get them all to 100 (Archived)Valentino16412/10 11:14AM
That feeling when you catch a really amazing Riolu early on... (Archived)Malkyrian512/10 11:12AM
Breeding help needed (again) (Archived)
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GoldKoiFish1112/10 11:11AM
Is Elesa black in this game? (Archived)
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Jarred6231412/10 11:09AM
What a strange match... (Showdown replay inside) (Archived)RatheV212/10 11:08AM
Emboar is better than Delphox (Poll)
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Doctor_Spanky4712/10 11:05AM
Did all trapping moves get buffed? (fire spin, sand tomb, etc) (Archived)HeroOfLightPKN612/10 11:03AM
Trying to find the Fist Plate (Archived)Mobile_Platform112/10 10:56AM
Where can I find the cover art to print-out for this game and Y? (Archived)why bacon me812/10 10:48AM
Will Re-Teaching a TM restore PP? (Archived)Megaman_Crazy612/10 10:47AM
Bandwagon Jump of the Day #13: -Delphox... HATE- (Poll)
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RotomGuy34212/10 10:43AM
So whats that whole Truant Durant Strategy? (Archived)
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Nathbuds1231612/10 10:42AM