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Should I buy a used copy of pokemon black 2 or White 2 before pokebank comes out (Archived)XNo_FearX912/18 10:48AM
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How many members of your team were not planned? (Archived)
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Storrac1612/18 10:34AM
A good compromise to the influx of hacked Pokebank mons... (Archived)
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KamariaK1412/18 10:31AM
How can I breed a flawless Azurill? (Archived)g00gly0eyes612/18 10:20AM
Preparing for Pokebank. Going to catch myself a Feebas. (Archived)ReachOutToTruth312/18 10:14AM
Your reaction: Pokebank automatically deletes "non-standard" moves. (Archived)
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Xigbar7771712/18 10:13AM
Anyone have a spare Pokemon X Club Nintendo code? (Archived)weirdybeansat612/18 10:10AM
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 59 - Goodra vs. Pyroar QUARTERFINALS (Poll)
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kirbydude3852912/18 10:05AM
battle maison durant build? (Archived)
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gumir1612/18 10:04AM
What is a good Togekiss set for a Modest Nature? (Archived)
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thenewgodofwar11112/18 10:02AM
Fighting someone right now who.. (Archived)
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Frostheat_221312/18 9:51AM
I think Dialga is going to be quite good this Gen. (Archived)
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Nathbuds1231112/18 9:48AM
You know what would be cool (Archived)Megaman_Crazy412/18 9:42AM
Pokebank question (Archived)OfficialAce-Kun312/18 9:34AM
Good weakness policy users? (Archived)
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ktbandit1112/18 9:30AM
Rotom users, what's your moveset? (Archived)Crayonmuffin612/18 9:26AM
You ready for some f***ing F.E.A.R? (Archived)
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Daemonscharm1212/18 9:26AM
So Pokebank deletes your pokemon... (Archived)
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Sloth92303812/18 9:24AM