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What pokemon do you absolutely hate going up against? (Archived)
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Just got yveltal for a chikorita (Archived)
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Advice on Kanto starter? (Archived)JusticeLeaguer8312/26/2013
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need help building a team i so far have 4 pokemon inmind (Archived)tiamat999112/26/2013
Wait, so is Pokebank why.... (Archived)
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X or Y (Archived)itachi72412/26/2013
So I just totally murderized the 3rd gym leader.... (Archived)
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For those who got Pokebank before it was pulled ... (Archived)MineralPlusBox512/26/2013
What if Arceus...(making it totally a legit way....kind of...ish) (Archived)legendrider212/26/2013
Should I evolve my Honedge now or let it learn Iron Head first? (Archived)Diayamondo312/26/2013
Question about Sylveon abilities (Archived)Aurawhisperer1012/26/2013
So what were the odds of this? (Archived)TheForevergelo312/26/2013
I finally made a 5IV Adamant Timburr... (Archived)
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About breeding Egg Moves... (Archived)xoing999312/26/2013
So, you know what we do cause of that Bank-BS!? Picture inside! (Archived)
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Just got a Mudkip! (Archived)sdfiqdha1012/26/2013
C/D This is how Game freak should've released pokebank (Archived)
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