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Can you Trade Black/White Kyurem? (Archived)Tales_of_101912/26/2013
Is there a particular reason why we have to wait til Tomorrow for Bank? (Archived)GilgameshSwords212/26/2013
which egg moves and abilities are you looking forward to breed in x/y (Archived)toothpiq412/26/2013
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is dream ball breedable? (Archived)calvin_0312/26/2013
So why are people still using rain dish tentacruel? (Archived)GloryChaos712/26/2013
Wow, PP stalling Mega Mawile allowed me to get 6 Bulk Ups (Archived)CarefreeDude112/26/2013
Advice on competitive team (Archived)blackrose1987241012/26/2013
Style in pokemon is the same as Swag ? If so my shiny team makes me more Swag (Archived)
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Can Groudon stop the random rain in routes? (Archived)Hydreigoon212/26/2013
anyone know new shiny charm rate? (Archived)wolfwing412/26/2013
C/D: Hawlucha is the best HM pokemon ever. (Archived)
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"Yuki" (Archived)waterdeepchu412/26/2013
yay, shiny bouffalant while breeding GTS fodder (Archived)guwa112/26/2013
My idea for balancing hacked pokemon (Archived)ZombieTJ101512/26/2013
Has anyone tried battling online with their hacked Pokemon? (Archived)GigaMan91612/26/2013
Help breeding 5 IV porygon ( I have read the guide) (Archived)
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Mega Lati@s in next movie? (Archived)ZombieTJ101312/26/2013
wtf, i deposit a Lugia for Dialga and i got a lvl 1 Dialga? (Archived)fedor-machine612/26/2013
A random Japanese passerby invited me to trade (Archived)vanitas11512/26/2013