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A couple questions about ninetales (Archived)Dante2049711/24 9:44AM
Which of the following would you say Chestnaught is based on? (Poll)
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tarzanmx3111/24 9:43AM
Question about Chandelure. (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer311/24 9:37AM
How would you react if... (Archived)mudballman111/24 9:36AM
First time Challenger (Mono-Type) (Archived)Zyphon360511/24 9:33AM
Finally got that Oval Charm (Archived)Nathbuds123211/24 9:32AM
What are the pokemon that are egg exclusive? (Archived)TheForevergelo111/24 9:25AM
I just found a thing bout XY i can say i really hate. (Archived)
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crunchy6123211/24 9:25AM
Unfair advantage? (Archived)1coolguy21211/24 9:24AM
I just breed a Shiny Marril (Archived)Knight_of_Malta611/24 9:20AM
What sort of after game would you like next time? (Poll)LightningAce11911/24 9:17AM
The origin story of Destiny the Riolu. (Archived)DukeGogoat611/24 9:16AM
Pokemon of the week on Serebii... (Archived)
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aquarius_sky5411/24 9:12AM
Do pokemon in the videogames need leveling up all the time? (Archived)WizardofHoth1011/24 9:07AM
So GameFreak pulled a NSMB and appealed to genwunners in this game. How was it?? (Archived)
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ThatKipp2811/24 9:06AM
final spot on my in game team... (Archived)
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paipr1311/24 9:05AM
Am I the only one who DOESN'T like 6v6? (Archived)
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HDN11051211/24 9:04AM
100 Wins In A Row At Battle Maison! (Archived)lildragon0611/24 8:59AM
Do you think Gen 5 to 6 compatibility will be for a limited time? (Archived)varnius8511/24 8:57AM
So for instacheck i need a regular USB cable?.. (Archived)salim118118811/24 8:54AM