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Super hard Mamoswine counter. (Archived)Xavuu612/26/2013
What are some good Pokemon to pick up on GTS now? (Archived)dotsgalore218712/26/2013
Man, I had Draco Meteor miss 5 times in a row! (Archived)CarefreeDude812/26/2013
Pokebank avaliable at your local retailer. (Archived)Chenmaster2912/26/2013
I still want a better breeding system than this. (Archived)
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Tested: Tyranitar beats Xerneas 1 on 1 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What Have I done (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Deerling and Sawsbuck forms (Archived)Dragonarh612/26/2013
Anyway for Pokebank pokemon to eventually get legal HA? (Archived)Smasher123456712/26/2013
Ability Rater Day 13: Illusion (Poll)
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Creepy Pokemon Music (Archived)BaboonMan123712/26/2013
I'm going to be giving out a bunch of Cottonee's on Wonder Trade!!!! (Archived)spealfan444312/26/2013
Smallest Elite Four team? (Archived)mzxrules612/26/2013
Am I the only one who wishes this? (Archived)Ace81892212/26/2013
Team help (non-competitive) (Archived)
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Am I in the minority on this? (Hack related) (Archived)
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When did synchronizing for a good nature wild Pokemon begin? (Archived)giants9281712/26/2013
Wonder trading legendaries (Archived)RandomNinjas812/26/2013
Starters in GTS asking for Legendaries. (Archived)Kelystic812/26/2013
Why Funbro and not Funking? (Archived)
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