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Why is Mega Kangaskhan Banned? (Archived)
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Are ultimate moves banned from competitive battling? (Archived)
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what's the best way to check IVs for lvl 1 pokemons? (Archived)poldual912/25/2013
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Any info on arcanine? (Archived)link_15512/25/2013
Personal experiences (Archived)Hawkeyes_Mihawk112/25/2013
I am not excited for the Banks release in two days (Archived)360pages512/25/2013
Pokemon few people use, but are actually epic. (Archived)
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Current tier possibilities?!?! (Archived)epyon1995512/25/2013
Can someone explain to me how the poketransporter app works? (Archived)ShadowEspionage412/25/2013
What is Noiverns tier as of now? (Archived)javel34512/25/2013
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Tier Listing? (Archived)PlatinumBD912/25/2013
I want to make a team based on good crappy pokemon (Archived)djmetal7771012/25/2013
This is for anyone who f***ing says Mega Vanne Zam f***ing sucks! (Archived)
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Oh Silly people of the GTS (Archived)Nathbuds123912/25/2013
Unable to update 3DS (Archived)Visibility412/25/2013