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how hard is it to RNG a perfect 6IV ditto on B2/W2? (Archived)poldual211/23 8:21PM
shiny pokemon help!!!!! (Archived)MarkTheSnitch511/23 8:16PM
Youtube First Shiny Archeops ! Pokemon X And Y :D (Archived)
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Seraphias1311/23 8:15PM
do you think regigigas would be uber if it had Illuminate as an ability? (Archived)_Sazando_811/23 8:15PM
RMT (Volt-Turn Team) (Archived)DreadmasterXD611/23 8:14PM
Is there any point in 5 IVs for a lead smeargle? (Archived)AnimalsRCrossin811/23 8:13PM
I dreamt Mega Banette was a permanent evo (Archived)Nomorice4U411/23 8:10PM
Breeding help (Archived)
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LoveSquirtle1211/23 8:09PM
Quick question about the shiny fishing streak (Archived)bloopertime311/23 8:08PM
Best EVs for Scyther?? (Archived)Arya_Stark311/23 8:02PM
Time change for DST effect....long lasting (Archived)Jackdanie1811/23 8:00PM
isthis the first pokemon game where you can exceed 999999 pokedollars (Archived)setokaiba400111/23 8:00PM
So, does Mienshao get any new moves this gen? (Archived)Xigbar777211/23 7:56PM
Should I trade shiny ditto for shiny eevee? (Archived)clinlan511/23 7:55PM
The moment you realized you were in a giant doll house.... (Archived)Raven236511/23 7:53PM
In Gen 5, everyone obsessed over Elesa and Skyla. (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman4411/23 7:52PM
How accurate is the stats calculator smogon uses in their teambuilder? (Archived)cha0s zer0611/23 7:49PM
Pencils Egglocke (Archived)kittycatcorn711/23 7:48PM
Actual good tips to raise friendship? (Archived)
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brutalhits2211/23 7:45PM
First Shiny!!! (Archived)
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navi8541111/23 7:43PM