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What if... Pokemon had Mario and Luigi RPG Elements? (Archived)
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Aldath1512/9 8:18PM
attn: BDS777 (Archived)ssugamer90112/9 8:18PM
Could Aegislash pull off a Power Trick gimmick set? (Archived)iKhan88212/9 8:15PM
How long does it usually take to get 5 IV Genderless Pokemon (Archived)Nathbuds1231012/9 8:15PM
Question about egg hatching (Archived)Atmaboy212/9 8:08PM
My Vaporeon has Hydration (Archived)Isaac1987412/9 8:08PM
Eviolite and Power Trick (Archived)Azure_Flame412/9 8:06PM
So why did they weaken Fire Blast, Thunder, and Blizzard? (Archived)mario2000712/9 8:03PM
Mega Garchomp should've gotten Mold Breaker (Archived)
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J_Applei2112/9 7:58PM
Favorite and least favorite Pokemon YouTubers? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman9412/9 7:57PM
What are the Masuda Method odds? (Archived)Kapuxa412/9 7:55PM
suggestions for a jumpluff? (Archived)Waluigi_FOREVER312/9 7:53PM
any consequences for changing dates? (Archived)YoyokuKO212/9 7:53PM
Ditto Help Please? (Archived)Coawies312/9 7:50PM
Why we still didn't have Dodge Option like in the Anime (Archived)
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Hachimitsu831312/9 7:49PM
Numel + Psych Up buddies + Heal Bell/Aromatherapy Buddy (Archived)
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SazukeEX2212/9 7:49PM
Another Eeveelution double battle! I liked this one. SHINIES GALORE (Archived)Mattata5212/9 7:44PM
What will the woman in Laverre City say to you when a pokemon has max happiness? (Archived)zelionx212/9 7:44PM
What level do you battle at? (Archived)RonCarrProject212/9 7:40PM
Expectations for the Fire starter next Gen (Poll)
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Tyranidomega5512/9 7:40PM