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I can't get into Pokemon (Archived)
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Flamer_Blue1411/30 11:36PM
question for advance pokemon players!!! (Archived)BIGDBMAN511/30 11:34PM
Should "Deposit Pokemon" and "Withdraw Pokemon" be removed? (Poll)
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ThatKipp1911/30 11:32PM
Secret ID NO. (Archived)raikool311/30 11:31PM
I love when people wait until they see the egg count. (Archived)
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360pages1511/30 11:24PM
Wait... (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman1311/30 11:24PM
Is there a way to make it rain? (Archived)XCheapshotX411/30 11:23PM
TSV and SV??????? (Archived)shadarkis14711/30 11:20PM
Best moveset for Garchomp? (Archived)ZarthimusPrime811/30 11:19PM
So that hack.. (Archived)bankaidragon311/30 11:18PM
Alternative IV checkers? (Archived)BrassBirch311/30 11:13PM
Good Articuno Moveset? (Archived)ShieryuSilvr311/30 11:10PM
Rate my team and help with future team (Archived)Sgt_Hostile111/30 11:07PM
So Wal-Mart is getting serial codes for special Garchomps and Scizors apparently (Archived)
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Bkurisenshi3411/30 11:02PM
I plan on obtaining all pokemon in their shiny forms. (Archived)
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ThePokeMan982711/30 11:01PM
Mega Tyranitar or Mega Aggron? (Poll)J_Applei811/30 10:54PM
C/D Grass Knot should be an entry hazard. (Archived)
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keflyn1111/30 10:52PM
Breeding question: Do parents pass down 3/2 IVs or can it be 5/0 or 4/1? (Archived)2pp3nd1x311/30 10:50PM
Questions on Return (Archived)Ru66erDuckie1011/30 10:49PM
Might be a tired complaint, but Azumarril.... (Archived)
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caversman1811/30 10:46PM