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So now that the Dragon-types are f***ed up by Fairy-types... (Archived)
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Biased_Gamer2012/9 8:46PM
Anybody ever got lucky on finding shinys? (Archived)
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Xerneas7771412/9 8:44PM
Would Double Team be less of a problem if it was removed as a TM? (Archived)
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SuprSaiyanRockr1312/9 8:43PM
I need a shiny eevee! (Archived)muffins4all612/9 8:39PM
Whats "rarer"? Cryogonal or Ekans? (Archived)Tryin2GetDaPipe712/9 8:35PM
Pokeradar is not working (Archived)shibulator512/9 8:33PM
Breeding question.. (m) Raichu/ (f) Mareep (Archived)iceache312/9 8:32PM
I caught a shiny Ferroseed tonight. (Archived)WizardofHoth712/9 8:32PM
Wait, since when does TWave hit ground types? (Archived)Steel_Shadows812/9 8:31PM
Is my team good? (Archived)PikaplaysPKMN812/9 8:28PM
how do i get toxic spikes on froakie? (Archived)Omega4070512/9 8:28PM
Early Christmas Pokemon Giveaway!!! (Archived)MiamiLatino18712/9 8:27PM
If Haxorus was careless, he'd be Laxorus (Archived)
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MATDSOTM9312/9 8:23PM
What would have to be changed about Diantha for you to like her? *Spoilers* (Poll)
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DarkKirby25007912/9 8:20PM
why!?!? (Archived)cust0mm31012/9 8:19PM
Does anybody just keep refreshing to see what new/interesting boards are there?? (Archived)
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Ethanb9001112/9 8:18PM
What if... Pokemon had Mario and Luigi RPG Elements? (Archived)
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Aldath1512/9 8:18PM
attn: BDS777 (Archived)ssugamer90112/9 8:18PM
Could Aegislash pull off a Power Trick gimmick set? (Archived)iKhan88212/9 8:15PM
How long does it usually take to get 5 IV Genderless Pokemon (Archived)Nathbuds1231012/9 8:15PM