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How likely is it that this Pokemon is hacked? (Archived)
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Who just got the game & have plans on breeding post game? (Archived)wookieworker89312/25/2013
How are we supposed to use the trading board if it moves at light speed? ._. (Archived)Diayamondo912/25/2013
Ash is currently the 10th Avatar (Archived)fedartz212/25/2013
Return of the hacks.... (Archived)Xavuu712/25/2013
can Milotic learn hypnosis? (Archived)The_Catwoman25412/25/2013
Seriously, GTS? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Oh my god THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER (Archived)kabigon201012/25/2013
Which of these Snivies are better? (Archived)RintheCheese312/25/2013
Is there any site that documents all known changes on pokebank? (Archived)geno21112/25/2013
Toxic, Incognito Boulders, or Spikes for Skarmory? (Archived)Raltrios712/25/2013
Mega Kanga: Earthquake only hits once in Doubles? (Archived)DracoZereul812/25/2013
I have an Asia 3DS, will I be able to download Pokebank tomorrow ? (Archived)Renvillio212/25/2013
Techno Blast buffed to 120 Power (Archived)
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What happens to the OT and ID of Pokebank'd mons? (Archived)Typhlax512/25/2013
Is Cherrim rare or something? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
disappointed in cyndaquil and evolutions (Archived)cruel_death512/25/2013
To pokegen you need a rom or the game? (Archived)playingrobot812/25/2013
Why are certain people so salty about battle videos? (Archived)
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So hacked pokes that passed GF's checking wont cause bad eggs (Archived)Pupu27412/25/2013
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