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holy **** at this battle lol. (Archived)gna647712/26/2013
Pokemon Fans in Japan... (Archived)X-KID90512/26/2013
Please WT... No more Froakies (Archived)
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What a pathetic apology (Archived)
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When EXACTLY is pokebank available in the eshop? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I should have updated when I had the chance. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman212/26/2013
Been wondering if Nintendo has tried (Archived)KaradurAtani412/26/2013
Is the Pokebank failure the cause of me not being able to get online now? (Archived)Vivisqeq412/26/2013
My friend who got a 3DS and Pokemon Y for christmas can't update his game. (Archived)
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I can I borrow someones smeargle/darkrai with dark void? (Archived)
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Is Infernape worth using without sun? (Archived)Captain_Mudkipz912/26/2013
Can someone please tell me why Greninja is good? (Archived)
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I might just clone the legendary pokemon I have... (Archived)360pages312/26/2013
Breeding and Safari/Apricorn Balls... (Archived)MidniteZorua612/26/2013
Do you consider Fairy-type to be Light-type? (Poll)Thesingerofstar812/26/2013
What's the best/fastest way to Level up a Pickup army? (Archived)scaler24412/26/2013
Aegislash is the most "Chop Chop Choppa Style" Pokemon.. (Archived)Daemonscharm1012/26/2013
Lol you can't search GTS for Cofagrigus? (Archived)shoeb_star912/26/2013
Koga and shiny Greninja bear a strong resemblance to each other (Archived)DemPokermanz112/26/2013
Rage quitting wonder trade... (Archived)
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