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Does the "Time Machine" method and Destiny Knot still work? (Archived)theunlimitedg3912/25/2013
So... Where do I go after I finish the Pokemon League? (Archived)
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Keep this timid Mewtwo? (Archived)Malokero_DS612/25/2013
So apparently Generation III/IV Pokemon w/o nicknames get their names de-capped. (Archived)Missingno_Mastr412/25/2013
At least half of the rayquazas on gts are shiny. (Archived)AwesomeChair812/25/2013
Entai learns Scared fire from the move tutor!!!! (Archived)Deitylight1012/25/2013
So... Pokerus (Archived)StompedGoomba812/25/2013
Anyone able to log into the Japanese nintendo store right now. (Archived)kys916212/25/2013
Are there still pokebank pokemon on wonder trade? (Archived)advancewaraddict112/25/2013
The Lake Trio must have the Fairy typing! (Archived)TheSnubbz1012/25/2013
The Original Dragon (Poll)fedartz612/25/2013
Team Underpowered Pokemon (Archived)Legionnaire76812/25/2013
So since Lake Trio aren't Fairy types, what really defines a Fairy type? (Archived)
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Is online play ruined? (Archived)
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Yea, so I can't update at all. (Archived)Mental_Daxter412/25/2013
Mega Lopunny entered the battle!! Magnificent!! (Archived)SageKabuto212/25/2013
Got Darumaka from GTS... (Archived)Vito219112/25/2013
Pokemon X and Mewtwonite Y Question? (Archived)Jessie2012212/25/2013
Porygon-Z with techno blast? (Archived)RocketsBillEX612/25/2013
Sigilyph (Archived)kclaujames112/25/2013