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Strongest pokemon you think you can personally take in a fight? (Archived)
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HappyUnicorn10114611/22 12:31PM
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holiday/winter-themed pokemon? (Archived)
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Hoothoots1711/22 12:25PM
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Thinking of doing a Blazblue themed team later (Archived)
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Saidie1711/22 12:24PM
I love going into Free Battle and destroying noob teams. Who else does? (Archived)jb08045511/22 12:18PM
Best counter for Scizor/MMawile/Swordguy/General Scarysteel? (Archived)
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BadDecisions1111/22 12:15PM
This Pokemon was just elected as the US President (Archived)Chanyeol711/22 12:06PM
Are these stats good enough for this mixed sweeper? (Archived)Yzak_Joule311/22 11:56AM
Intimidate or Moxie on Gyarados? (Archived)
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King_of_donkeys1411/22 11:56AM
BASED PARAFLINCH (caps) (Archived)Azure_Flame411/22 11:56AM
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DIggersby question. (DON'T BRING THAT MEME CRAP IN HERE) (Archived)
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YOSHI4752611/22 11:47AM
Trading would be so much easier... (Archived)BigPapaSnorlax211/22 11:45AM