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What are some spreads you've tried that work better than Smogon recoomendations? (Archived)
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Has anyone talked about a Kalos Clause? (Archived)
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Instacheck for Android? (Archived)GamingMaster7512/23/2013
Why did my opponent disconnect? (Archived)BottledPoe412/23/2013
I don't understand Ledian. (Archived)
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How often should check up on my berries? (Archived)Inkydog26412/23/2013
Question about B2/W2 move tutor moves? (Archived)naruto6795412/23/2013
Ability Rater Day 10: Physical contact status abilites (Poll)ssupermario921012/23/2013
Does MM still work with a foreign Ditto? (Archived)tarzanmx612/23/2013
How do I delete a file -_- (Archived)TheForevergelo512/23/2013
I bet you forgot this pokemon existed (Archived)
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Illuminate, and shinies? (Archived)FalxXD512/23/2013
Pokemon that you just want to punch... (Archived)gamemaster7121012/23/2013
Gamefreak needs to add more priority for special attacks. (Archived)
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Can someone update me on the Pokebank thing? (Archived)holy_bolt112/23/2013
Your favorite Pokemon spin off series (Poll)
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Do people run fake showdown accounts as youtubers? clip inside (Archived)soleedge512/23/2013
Do you feel Mega Heracross's ability +moves should've been one of these instead? (Poll)
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What are the chances of a male eevee passing down it's hidden ability? (Archived)KingChickadee512/23/2013
wtf pokebank cost money ? (Archived)
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