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Just got a Shiny Giratina in Wonder Trade (Archived)TheGrayFoxLives612/24/2013
does competitive has a competive use? (Archived)memo7878312/24/2013
Empoleon gets kings sheild? (Archived)warnerbroman412/24/2013
ITT: Moves/Abilities that make no sense on a Pokemon (Archived)
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So has anyone come across any previously unobtainable Pokemon in Wonder trade? (Archived)
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Would someone take DEOXYS to the 5 METEORITES and confirm why there's a 5th?! (Archived)SageKabuto512/24/2013
Are the offspring of hacks considered hacks? (Archived)
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FT: Piplup LF-> other pokeBank starters (Archived)Xerun312/24/2013
Wow! Just got a JPN Kyurem through WT. (Archived)
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I can confirm that Pokebank pokemon can be used in rating battles (Archived)360pages712/24/2013
Lol I just got an Eevee for an Eevee (Archived)
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So is it true that transfered stuff could megaevolve? (Archived)FryDays5000912/24/2013
do you stick with one team or do you mix and match? (Archived)gna647412/24/2013
So has anyone Banked a Deerling/Sawsbuck? (Archived)Lexifox512/24/2013
So no huge server issues with the bank (Archived)
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How does Pokerus work in this game? (Archived)NiinjaDylan512/24/2013
So the worst scenario happened (Archived)Pupu27712/24/2013
Weak people use Megas nowadays... (Archived)supremeblaster712/24/2013
Does Psych Up work with Competitive? (Archived)Exaetellus312/24/2013
Someone Wonder Traded me a 5IV Timid Ralts (Archived)Shigmiya64112/24/2013