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dat lightning fast gts (Archived)Holy_Oblivion912/24/2013
ATTENTION: I have Mudkip... (Archived)Javman21092812/24/2013
So it IS confirmed that hacked pokemon can get in? (Archived)
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Since when can mega stones not be traded on GTS? (Archived)Phoenix6000212/24/2013
All I want is random 6 VS 6 singles battle mode in battle spot (Archived)CarefreeDude212/24/2013
Shinies with blue pentagon > Anything from pokebank (Archived)
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If both parents have HA is it 100% to pass down? (Archived)KingChickadee912/24/2013
Sending out 4iv Nasty Plot Togepis. (Archived)HitTheGroundWal112/24/2013
Can eggs be transfered by pkmn bank? (Archived)Kapuxa412/24/2013
woot breeded my turtig for a japan shiny magikarp (Archived)Gohan84112/24/2013
Need Duskulls (Archived)Blindkiller1234112/24/2013
Vivillon Collection! (Archived)jeanthebean1234412/24/2013
Can pokemon with HM moves be transferred to bank? (Archived)CarefreeDude112/24/2013
Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos (Archived)Jessie2012412/24/2013
groudon looks pretty awesome in 3d (Archived)Holy_Oblivion112/24/2013
what the hell does SVP mean? (Archived)gna647812/24/2013
Probably the most tragic bit of news to come from this bank business... (Archived)
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Aside from the Italian Iron Fist Infernape... (Archived)J_Applei612/24/2013
Monferno looks ready for a fight. (Archived)_PandaMaster_112/24/2013
Woo just got a chimchar (Archived)
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