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Can Parental Bond be Skill Swapped? (Archived)
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andrewx721312/8 10:01PM
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Mom killed Dad!!? (Archived)
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darker953212/8 9:49PM
I did not receive "Pokeradar from the professor in Lumiose City?? (Archived)ssssss1212312/8 9:47PM
Shiny value, 'Legit' Hacking, Cloning seems like anything with value is gone (Archived)
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prankster and sub (Archived)kakashibob2712/8 9:39PM
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Do weather effects kick in the moment the weather is started now? (Archived)RX02Banshee612/8 9:33PM
Anger Point + Frost Breath combo? (Archived)poldual912/8 9:26PM
The RNG in this game is pretty funny at times. :s (Archived)MrFingers07412/8 9:19PM
Two masuda questions. (Archived)
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Riveller1212/8 9:16PM
I named my Goodra "Drippy" (Archived)Dante2049112/8 9:14PM
How many pokemons can I collect if I have both X & y? (Archived)oq7ster512/8 9:14PM
Starter Natures (Archived)TigerDude7412/8 9:12PM
Omg I hatched my first PERFECT pokemon ever!! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger2912/8 9:10PM
Fastest way to gain friendship? (Archived)shayminguy7412/8 9:09PM
How to give level 1 pokerus? (Archived)bigballerboy812/8 9:07PM
So I've been doing some research and all... (Archived)x2link777212/8 9:06PM
RMT - The Defense and the Blitz (Archived)
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Quiet_Noise1212/8 8:57PM