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If you can't beat them, join them (Archived)pcmike2712/25/2013
So... this is another "Bad Egg" hysteria? (Archived)
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If Pokemon X is the only Poke game I have how do I hack pokemon if.. (Archived)Thunder097412/25/2013
Physical Mew set (Archived)Azure_Flame312/25/2013
Why is there nobody trading darumakas on GTS? (Archived)TickleTub612/25/2013
So happy that Pokemon names with all caps from Gens 3 and 4 get fixed (Archived)TheSnubbz312/25/2013
So can non Kalos Pokemon Mega evolve? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart212/25/2013
Johto Pokeballs (Archived)teumessianfox89512/25/2013
Seriously, how hard is it to setup a AWFUL HACKMON!? (Archived)MechaKirby112/25/2013
I hate these people (Archived)Ru66erDuckie412/25/2013
pokemon Bank Questions (Archived)bbsample1974898412/25/2013
Gardevoir nickname (Archived)
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My turn to ask about Pokebank and hacks. (Archived)Safer_777612/25/2013
Rate Mah Team!! (Archived)magnetcrocodile512/25/2013
So does Melloetta actually Get BoomBurst! As a level up move? :) (Archived)xyzlactic412/25/2013
Has anyone tried breeding Recover Milotic with Goodra yet? (Archived)RX02Banshee912/25/2013
A Brief run-down on this gen's features. (Archived)OtherVulpe512/25/2013
Went on Free Battle to take Power Herb Xerneas for a spin... (Archived)Azure_Flame612/25/2013
I'm gonna breed Snivy, which nature is best for it? (Archived)faruway312/25/2013
Play X, or wait for "Z"? (Archived)OtherVulpe912/25/2013
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