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The perfect counter(Game) (Archived)
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Defender314154612/11 5:54AM
Godzilla/ Kaiju based team (Archived)
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timirchand6246012/11 5:53AM
So I deposited a random Salamence in the GTS... (Archived)
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aburame131112/11 5:47AM
So someone asks me to hatch their egg... (Archived)CaineX881012/11 5:47AM
i have a shuppet friend safari (Archived)ShiningMagma212/11 5:46AM
I think my game is glitched (Archived)
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erekwashere153512/11 5:41AM
Need: trade for instacheck Offer: instachecking for you aswell (Archived)Lil_Terra212/11 5:37AM
Creating EV Spreads? (Archived)deoxyscyclone512/11 5:30AM
Need math help (Archived)archie44412/11 5:27AM
More showdown fun.. (Archived)TG_Wolf212/11 5:27AM
What's the best Kingdra build? (Archived)
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jEr3mY1412/11 4:56AM
What happened to poor Chandelure this gen? (Archived)Mobile_Platform1012/11 4:14AM
Tyranitar help. (Archived)PkmnTrnrPierce112/11 4:05AM
i need someone to trade back and forth with me please.. (Archived)Puninja312/11 4:04AM
Prankster + Lagging Tail + Assist + Bounce/Dive... (Archived)piranhapete312/11 3:56AM
Can HM moves be used early? (Archived)SolitaireD212/11 3:38AM
Rate my team and I'll love you forever (Archived)
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BTzz1812/11 3:33AM
Ok this ends now. Deoxys is the origin of all Pokemon! (Archived)
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The Eternal Evil1912/11 3:29AM
is there any programs like pokedit thats free? (Archived)RealTides812/11 3:18AM
What if you bit Paras? (Archived)DKU_Arich212/11 3:01AM