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Calling it now : the Shiny trade market is going to crash on Friday. (Archived)
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inavnwor1212/23 5:58AM
Check out this Xerneas I pulled from the GTS (Archived)
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bwebber171312/23 5:55AM
[HG/SS Question] One Pokewalker, two games (Archived)Z_hunter91312/23 5:49AM
Model Animations you were impressed with. (Archived)
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RotomGuy31112/23 5:49AM
Your Reaction: Pokebank's hack check turns out to be very ineffective (Archived)
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LazorFist2512/23 5:39AM
Whats the chances of a shiny in masuda method now? (Archived)morlock30912/23 5:38AM
If you delete friend cards from the 100 limit friend list, do you keep safari? (Archived)jd_walker512/23 5:30AM
Something I always wanted to see: custom NPC trading. (Archived)Scythemantis212/23 5:23AM
Post your Gen V competitive team and your new Gen 6 team.. (Archived)Daemonscharm512/23 5:23AM
The Most Disturbing/Awkward Pokemon Related Thing You've Experienced? (Archived)
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GatedSunOne5112/23 5:20AM
Can Zapdos get HP flying in this game? (Archived)neonplanets1012/23 5:12AM
Having trouble turning on the "Chat" feature? (Archived)ChrisManso212/23 5:09AM
Am I the only one thinking that Battle Spot uses Maison matchup algorithm? (Archived)MegaDuran312/23 5:04AM
Which Arcanine is Hacked? (Archived)
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rojse1712/23 5:02AM
Is Escavalier an Aegislash counter? (Archived)Pentao712/23 5:01AM
Do you use a mix of male and female pokemon in your team? (Archived)
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aydosv1812/23 4:55AM
help on friends list (Archived)beny_pimpster212/23 4:55AM
SR'ing Mewtwo (Archived)John_Dory312/23 4:49AM
Woot, HP Ice TR Reuniclus~ (Archived)crunchy612112/23 4:43AM
Meanwhile in the Battle Maison (what, again?) (Archived)Takaoldaria612/23 4:36AM