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Pokemon Team needs work (Archived)VDeity112/8 12:16PM
is this Mewtwo stats good? (Archived)fedor-machine312/8 12:14PM
Rate my fakemon, and I'll rate yours (Archived)
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iKhan881912/8 12:13PM
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What is this pokemon? (Archived)BlackAgumon5812/8 12:10PM
If you go to pokemon universe, what would you do? (Archived)
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BlackAgumon51112/8 12:02PM
Tangrowth... whoa... (Archived)
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Aldath1612/8 12:01PM
Most Underused Mega? (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_5112/8 11:53AM
Thick Fat Mamoswine is one of the most fun Pokemon've ever used in Meta (Archived)Daemonscharm612/8 11:48AM
What is the most efficient way to get the Stones Lumiose does not have (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords1112/8 11:48AM
So does safety goggle blocks stealth rocks and such? (Archived)Heartless141412/8 11:48AM
Anyone else do this? (Archived)SazukeEX112/8 11:45AM
Need suggestions... (Archived)Blade_Nolen112/8 11:45AM
A lvl 5 azurill broke out of a Greatball...? (Archived)Cryptics312/8 11:44AM
WUT. Can't believe a passerby just did this... (Archived)
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keybladesrus1212/8 11:43AM
Smugleaf, Pignition, and Derpderp/Wotter (Archived)
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OrangeCrush9801112/8 11:43AM
Why does Inkay need the 3DS to be upside-down to evolve? (Archived)
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-Unowninator-2312/8 11:42AM
Easiest synchronizer to farm? (Archived)Stanemac12812/8 11:40AM
Would Ash's team (composed of his 6 strongest) take your current team? (Archived)
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Wyvern563212/8 11:38AM
URGENT. Masuda Method Question. (Archived)Kapuxa612/8 11:32AM