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Are there Pokemon you find cute that other people don't? (Archived)
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azn_boy1504811/22 12:02AM
YR: Pokemon Z introduces the.. (Archived)TG_Wolf611/22 12:00AM
Where should I hatch my shiny Dratini? (Archived)hsdubb19211/21 11:57PM
What's a good nickname for a Shiny Charizard? (Archived)
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StevenDrkPrince1211/21 11:54PM
Quick Question about Rotom IVs (Archived)Mage_Blade711/21 11:51PM
assuming both happen (regardless of how) which would you prefer first? (Poll)
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paipr1111/21 11:43PM
I hope Z has move tutors (Archived)selkie1997411/21 11:43PM
Snorlax IV's (Archived)Nate545611/21 11:40PM
I'll NEVER get used to it (Archived)
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MaruKazeryu3811/21 11:38PM
RMT for Battle Maison (Archived)slashmasters311/21 11:35PM
Starting a new Nuzlocke, what are some fun ideas? (Archived)MadGamer_11211/21 11:35PM
About transferring up to XY... (Archived)Xeo352511/21 11:34PM
Team Decision Making (Archived)X_MAN_X611/21 11:31PM
For thoes of you who beleive there will be a Hoenn remake... (Archived)
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trigga062011/21 11:30PM
Hex Maniacs are the best trainer class (Archived)Emerald_Melios711/21 11:30PM
Does skills like Pixilate give ... (Archived)mattfrank211/21 11:29PM
Create a new trainer class (Archived)AuroraSonicBeam611/21 11:25PM
Is there a way to get a 5IV Munchlax with desired nature? (Archived)
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AboveTopSecret2211/21 11:22PM
Does Gooey proc 100% of the time on hit? (Archived)Edge4o7_311/21 11:22PM
Is there a guide to quickly completing the Kalos Pokedex? (Archived)Ghetsis311/21 11:21PM