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pokebank and breeding question (Archived)blahzer412/24/2013
Pokegen Transfer Question,previously illegal movesets or unavailable HA pokemon. (Archived)SorrySleeping412/24/2013
Now that PokeBank is out.. any new Fairy pokemon? (Archived)
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So are these Jirachi that I hacked safe? (Archived)
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How do people have all these banked Pokemon already? (Archived)Exaetellus312/24/2013
Is Misdreavus Ghost/Fairy? (Archived)
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So can hacked pokemon get through pokebank? (Archived)nskyliner34812/24/2013
I wonder if anyone (Archived)sword_artist_912/24/2013
So was that rumor of non-Kalos pokemon not being able to Mega Evolve true? (Archived)TheForevergelo612/24/2013
Can I use PokeBank to transfer between 2 6th gen games? (Archived)DarthLaharl512/24/2013
so feebas gets oblivious? (Archived)poldual212/24/2013
Can someone with a Milotic check something? (Archived)Masemune_100512/24/2013
The main thing that I do like about cloning... (Archived)pikachupwnage212/24/2013
Anyone else having trouble connecting to the internet? (Archived)Galapagoz312/24/2013
All these people finding things on the GTS and getting them. (Archived)
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Move Tutor Pokemon (Archived)tjpnoii412/24/2013
What ability does tyrouge need to have to evolve into a intimidate Hitmontop? (Archived)pikachupwnage512/24/2013
Something I just thought of. (Archived)Demon_Shark512/24/2013
whats your egg count? (Archived)YoyokuKO412/24/2013
Anyone feeling super generous around Christmas? (Archived)TheGrayFoxLives312/24/2013