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Got Porygon!! (Archived)
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What is your favorite design form of Charizard? (Poll)
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Do we know if the shiny charm is back? (Archived)ThatKipp512/24/2013
Do you consider Fairy type to be the Light type? (Poll)
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Final bets in what may become Fairy Types (Archived)
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Anyone knows what is the summary screen like for the Pokemon transferred? (Archived)13121987712/24/2013
Bouffalant. Someone out there has to have a Bouffalant. (Archived)Navyblack14112/24/2013
I'm dumb, did Feebas always had Oblivious as an ability? (Archived)_KGC_612/24/2013
The extra Deoxys form? (Archived)Soul_of_Yveltal612/24/2013 are we... (Archived)360pages412/24/2013
New Video! Top 10 Mega Evolutions (Archived)SilphSpectre312/24/2013
searching for things on GTS? (Archived)loffter212/24/2013
Get your Celebi's people!!!!! (Archived)luigisp812/24/2013
X board is the new trade board, trade board is hell, on 27th it'll be like day 0 (Archived)legendrider412/24/2013
Just got a Milotic from GTS (Archived)
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poketransfer... (Archived)0-taku612/24/2013
Has anyone transferred Mew, Victini etc? (Archived)BestInTheWorId112/24/2013
Just got a chimchar (Archived)NeoBlade258412/24/2013
lol@MegaKanga/Blaziken team (Archived)King_of_Flan112/24/2013
Will hacked Pokemon pass Pokebank? (Archived)
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