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GF should change Releasing Pokemon to Putting a Pokemon for Adoption (Archived)
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So whats your pokemon related plan for christmas? (Archived)
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i think i need to restart (Archived)ashcrv412/24/2013
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Trying to breed a 5iv female can be so frustrating (Archived)matt-nicklin1012/24/2013
While catching Delibirds I noticed something weid (Archived)Safari_Dude412/24/2013
The top room in Valeries gym? (Archived)
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Pokemon mentally destabilizing? (Archived)
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Which Gen did the best with gyms? (Poll)navi854312/24/2013
Because I'm bored. Who's YOUR favorite Pokemon?!? :D (Archived)
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what a good ev and move set up on clafairy? (Archived)hesu2000212/24/2013
My first-ever level 100 Pokemon! (Archived)Raltrios512/24/2013
winning with a team of pink blobs is simply awesome (Archived)Falchionne112/24/2013
If I skill swap parental bond to a persian... (Archived)PokeMin111312/24/2013
kind of a dumb question (Archived)NovaCast1012/24/2013
whats the craziest thing youve done for a ditto safari (Archived)
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Scammer list ?. (Archived)
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IVs- What's your priority? (Poll)Soeroah312/24/2013
Why are shiny hunters so RUDE? (Archived)MegaSableye912/24/2013