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Which battle background do you use? (Archived)
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Falciel2111/30 12:39AM
What's the point of charizard y? Charizard x looks way cooler (Archived)
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EvolutionUber3011/30 12:37AM
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Mega Charizard X being hit by an Earthquake (Archived)kclaujames1011/30 12:27AM
Breeding Extrasensory into Roserade (Need expert egg move help) (Archived)GretelMK2511/30 12:27AM
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I'm a beginner breeder and want to know if im doing something wrong.. (Archived)mdinehart911/30 12:20AM
Mega Kanga moveset (Archived)metalboomario611/30 12:19AM
Good build for venasaur? (Archived)jolteonsock211/30 12:14AM
What's your rotom-w? (Archived)Ru66erDuckie911/30 12:11AM
Need a way of getting Icepunch on my smeargle (Archived)
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AlejandroXYP1211/30 12:04AM
Are you going to be paying for Pokemon Bank? (Poll)FizzyFloat411/30 12:03AM
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Fished up a Shiny Basculin (Archived)3DiPadMini6G511/29 11:56PM
Got a shiny Woobat through Wonder Trade (Archived)Pokeman718411/29 11:48PM
I can see Cofagrigus becoming more used competitively (Archived)zelionx711/29 11:48PM
Is Gourgeist good? (Archived)Xavuu511/29 11:45PM
Should I bother breeding my potential Sylveon for a max speed IV? (Archived)Godstriker8511/29 11:43PM
Trevenant vs. Gourgeist (Poll)
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Rupin_Salesman2011/29 11:38PM