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Weezing is a pretty dumb pokemon. (Archived)spincyclematt712/21 10:44PM
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ITT: That one Pokemon you just really don't like (Archived)
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ThatKipp2512/21 10:16PM
This game would feel so much more open world if there were more... (Archived)Doktoroktopus312/21 10:13PM
What team has given you the best results in the hax maison? (Archived)
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jaimito_vond1512/21 10:07PM
Dumb question, do you have to beat the wild Pokemon for Pickup to work or is (Archived)FugeeBar212/21 10:03PM
I actually got save file damage via cloning (Archived)
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CarefreeDude2312/21 9:54PM
breeding help (Archived)trainer2271012/21 9:53PM
multiscale dragonite (Archived)
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tyranitarteeth4212/21 9:51PM
No HA in the wild. ..right? (Archived)timirchand624412/21 9:42PM
Vs recorder : you cant trust people anymore so you battle them (Archived)deuceknight112/21 9:42PM
The Best Pokemon Champion Ever *Potential Spoilers* (Poll)
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moneyman823212/21 9:40PM
effort value QUEST-CHE-YONE. (Archived)0-taku412/21 9:36PM
Who the **** runs dragon tail on hydreigon? (Archived)meestermj912/21 9:34PM
I've always wondered. What type of animal is slowpoke?? (Archived)
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Kraven_XRLKB1512/21 9:30PM