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If you don't play with Smogon rules, you don't need to care about Smogon news. (Archived)
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Dabrikishaw153912/3 11:32AM
Are you gauranteed Balm mushrooms at Lewow.... (Archived)Khemikooligan512/3 11:27AM
How do you decide how much speed you want/need? (competitive) (Archived)geno21412/3 11:26AM
IV check for 6 IVS (Archived)chocnutking812/3 11:26AM
Smogon planning to quickban Gengarite despite the poll results (Archived)
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SnowxReturns27612/3 11:25AM
Dragon Dance can crit? (Archived)ZarethKnyght912/3 11:23AM
well...**** me... (Archived)
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MaruKazeryu1812/3 11:23AM
Wtf? sky drop failed against Blaziken? (Archived)
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KiteDistel1712/3 11:22AM
masuda method question? (Archived)ositadima112/3 11:18AM
Is it not possible to get a Speed Boost Venipede with perfect IVs? (Archived)
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CarefreeDude1112/3 11:17AM
How many Pokemon characters can you name? (Archived)PokemonYoutube812/3 11:16AM
Destiny Knot breeding chances (Archived)Callista08812/3 11:11AM
Prankster Meowstic (M) Any Good? (Archived)TheZuperHero412/3 11:08AM
AV Tyranitar (Archived)BMAN270412/3 11:02AM
"Game Sync ended because the server is busy. Please try again later." (Archived)Demon_Shark512/3 11:02AM
Question regarding the unobtainable Pokes in X/Y (Archived)
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Morto851712/3 11:00AM
A few changes that I'd like to see next generation (Archived)omega bahumat412/3 10:58AM
A series of questions about that every likely event poke... (spoilers) (Archived)Pheonix_Dragon912/3 10:52AM
Baton passing, Scolipede or Blaziken?? (Archived)Bin-Kan412/3 10:49AM
Mega Gengar really has never given me problem, by I see why it was banned. (Archived)
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Exaetellus1512/3 10:48AM