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The plural of every Pokemon species name is the same as the singular (Archived)
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I have HG/SS but not B/W [Pokebank related] (Archived)WSTW3DS412/24/2013
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Opinion on my team? (Archived)
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Just got this Landorus (Just captured PKMN White, for competitve play in X/Y) (Archived)pokepalkia512/24/2013
...Check my Reuniclus, please... (Archived)FatReuniclus912/24/2013
Need help on Gengar and Dragonite (Archived)
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Where do you get your nick naming inspirations from? (Archived)
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Question about evolving a competitive Gengar... (Archived)MikeoftheDesert612/24/2013
WTF JUST HAPPENED! plaease help. (Archived)tyranitarteeth912/24/2013
So... how many boxes do you have ready for Pokemon Bank? (Archived)MrFingers07612/24/2013
How to tell ivs (Archived)
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Mild Metagross Build Ideas? (Archived)hkhunter47412/24/2013
Attack on Pokemon (Archived)nuke2099912/24/2013
What if Ferrothorn didn't have a double weakness to Fire? (Archived)
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Why is Charmander so popular? (Archived)
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Make a team of three using... (Archived)GoatBoyFresh612/24/2013
How are you supposed to play Doubles? (Archived)
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Wait... (Archived)Devin879112/24/2013