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Why!? Because i love them thats why! (Archived)
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Cuboner876712/22 4:42PM
how many reels should it take to get a shiny in fishing method? (Archived)
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Bugorchestra1812/22 4:41PM
when to evolve pikachu? (Archived)Passiko412/22 4:40PM
Hatching O-power? (Archived)xoing999612/22 4:34PM
EV spread and moveset for Aegislash. Need feedback (Archived)
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shadyguyrockman2012/22 4:32PM
What EV spread do I use for a BellyJet Azumarill? (Archived)CakeOfLies612/22 4:31PM
My sylveon stood up to mega gardevoir (Archived)LightningAce11212/22 4:27PM
I just ran into a team full of Ubers on random matchup (free). (Archived)
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shadyguyrockman3312/22 4:27PM
Chances of shiny Xerneas/Yveltal being given away as part of a future event? (Poll)Azure_Flame412/22 4:25PM
HA Pumpkaboo (Archived)
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Hpfm21112/22 4:16PM
I love when my 3Ds randomly stops connect to the internet for a bit. (Archived)ShadowUmbreon42512/22 4:15PM
Would Lucario still be good without its Steel typing? (Archived)Diayamondo512/22 4:12PM
About the bank (Archived)Kilp45312/22 4:08PM
Has Lucario always been this frail? (Archived)MillionGunmannn512/22 4:08PM
If you truly love your Psyduck you keep him in a Heal Ball (Archived)DeadlyNinjaBees812/22 4:07PM
Wish Eevee (Archived)thesheriff331012/22 4:01PM
Good EVs and moveset for Jolly Venusaur (Archived)Morrino412/22 3:52PM
need info please (Archived)SlyGamer1979212/22 3:52PM
What are online battles like? (Archived)
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Lord_Ichmael2812/22 3:45PM
Mandibuzz set? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer712/22 3:42PM