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English names that Japanese players laugh at? (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife2312/8 11:06AM
Just when I tought I was done with my Chansey... (Archived)Aldath912/8 10:52AM
So how viable is cresselia now (Archived)
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gamepimp121512/8 10:50AM
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What do you think of Mega Banette? (Archived)ClownRoyal512/8 10:43AM
Breeding genderless-pkmn w/ Ditto (Archived)B_omg312/8 10:32AM
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Do you folks plan out your ingame teams before you start? (Archived)NotetoSelf13212/8 10:07AM
How do people breed genderless pokemon? (Archived)Bugorchestra812/8 10:05AM
one question about pokestar props being actual pokemon (Archived)BlackAgumon5212/8 9:58AM
Getting back into the Pokemon anime is difficult :/ (Archived)
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SorceressTharja2512/8 9:57AM
Does Cute Charm ignore skewed gender ratios? (Archived)Ghetsis412/8 9:55AM
So... how do you guys like Wonder Trade now? (Archived)
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Xigbar7771812/8 9:54AM
Fire Bear starter for Gen 7 (Archived)
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sword_artist_1612/8 9:52AM
C/D: Some of the PokeStar Props should become actual Pokemon. (Archived)Solar_Crimson412/8 9:52AM
This is why EVs are inportant (Archived)StriderCloud112/8 9:51AM