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So, can I ever hope to get my Suicune with Water Absorb? (Archived)Exaetellus112/23/2013
How will the release of Pokebank be twisted into Hoenn confirmed? (Archived)SalsaSavant212/23/2013
What if R/S/E Pokemon from the Bank to XY does not say "Long Journey?" (Archived)ZombieTJ101412/23/2013
Should they introduce an ability... (Archived)DigiDude771012/23/2013
Possible for Sale on Eshop? (Archived)AAngelEyes512/23/2013
Fairy should not only be immune to dragon but bounce back dragon moves (Archived)spincyclematt512/23/2013
This shiny cloning thing is bull ****. (Archived)
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Am I breeding correctly? HELP! (Archived)RodolfoCM312/23/2013
do people really feel accomplishment from breeding (Archived)
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Masuda Method Question (Archived)RLutece312/23/2013
New ability: Unrelenting (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq612/23/2013
Todays the daY (Archived)
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How do i get stealth rock and ice punch on rhyperior? (Archived)gna647212/23/2013
Has anyone taken on the Elite Four with just one pokemon? (Archived)NINDOX812/23/2013
NPC'S can be evil :/ (Archived)
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I like pokemon very much (Archived)
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god damn, new found love for sableye (Archived)gna647412/23/2013
Best EV spread for BellyJet Azumarill? (Archived)Bugorchestra112/23/2013
Request (Archived)ggvtp412/23/2013
If i were to stream some random battle spot doubles... (Archived)ShadowUmbreon42112/23/2013