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I just had Fire Blast miss 5 times in a match, and Air Slash miss twice. (Archived)
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Galvantula is Sweeeet (PokemonShowdown 6 mon sweep) (Archived)timirchand624712/24/2013
Roulette Battles are so much fun! Don't you guys missed them? (Archived)
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Mega Mawile help? (Archived)JudgeMaster712/24/2013
Ice Punch Electivire (Archived)thesheriff33412/24/2013
good luck have fun (Archived)
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I thought I lost...but... (Archived)kai013112/24/2013
Since Poketransporter is app... (Archived)hors_doeuvres612/24/2013
bold or calm blissey? (Archived)random_noobie612/24/2013
Why so many Your Reaction threads? (Archived)Pokechamp7707812/24/2013
masuda (Archived)DCxONESHOT305112/24/2013
Since I want to transfer a heatran over (Archived)LightningAce11212/24/2013
ATTN : People in Japan, with JPN region games and 3DS' (Archived)
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Your reaction: Slacking gets "Gale legs" (Normal version of Gale wings)... (Archived)
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So I battled a Japanese dude on Battle Spot... (Archived)
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Black Hayate1312/24/2013
This battle was a little... farfetched. (Archived)Duthos812/24/2013
ugh. can't believe I have to farm for an ability capsule (Archived)poldual112/23/2013
dark pulse (Archived)Thehatter707412/23/2013
Three paralysis in a row. Come on (Archived)
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keep this heatran? (Archived)EmperorLelouch512/23/2013