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It just now hit me. (Archived)
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What's with all the Weezing love? (Archived)
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ability capsule is a good start, but now we would like a nature capsule (Archived)
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Hatch a shiny pokemon! (Archived)
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Need help with Amoonguss (Archived)Munkeeboi69412/24/2013
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Official Seasons Greetings From Your Favorite Pokemon Topic. (Archived)TG_Wolf312/24/2013
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Moss Rock has a Face? (Poll)
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To the people receiving this game for Christmas tommorow... (Archived)yoshirulezzz712/24/2013
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Process of getting Torkoal with Yawn+Clear Smog? (Archived)megasean3000612/24/2013
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CHarizard x moveset (Archived)SE_LISI512/24/2013
Does Japan have pokebank yet? (Archived)Aladdin25571012/24/2013
What do you think the most valuble pokemon will be when Bank comes out? (Archived)
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Anyone received any non-gen6 Pokemon thanks to Japan PokeBank? (Archived)Magnetronous112/24/2013