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A good combination to go with charizard Y + sawsbuck in doubles? (Archived)JPSVR1012/10 5:58PM
So... is Sassy Avalugg worth it...? (Archived)
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Aldath1112/10 5:53PM
I love Pikachu! (Archived)GiranXYZ712/10 5:53PM
What Mega should I add to my team? (Archived)Knighted Dragon512/10 5:51PM
Soooooooo when (Archived)valmardragon512/10 5:50PM
I have a sudden love for mamoswine now. (Archived)
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LightningAce112512/10 5:39PM
Is Shedinja viable? (Archived)MagneticSpark612/10 5:24PM
Why the heck does Rayquaza look so goddamn Tiny in these games?!? (Archived)
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DeathChaos251912/10 5:19PM
a mega pokemon for team? (Archived)yjyj812/10 5:17PM
Do Lv100 Pokemon hog Exp. points from other Pokemon? Should I use the Exp.Share? (Archived)-Unowninator-912/10 5:15PM
I thought the Destiny Bond on last Pokemon thing was an official rule... (Archived)Nickcool1996512/10 5:15PM
Why are people so obsessed with shinies? (Archived)
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Beenabo1412/10 5:13PM
I had an idea... what if the next game had two sets of starters again, but... (Archived)Davidk92912/10 5:12PM
In need of a Destiny Knot (Archived)Bugorchestra612/10 5:08PM
Good counter to Shell Smash Barbaracle? (Archived)
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Bugorchestra1812/10 5:03PM
*sigh* I sometimes wish these games are hackable by average joes like me. -_- (Archived)
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Roc_Raida1212/10 4:56PM
Noob question (Archived)Fubearz212/10 4:55PM
Finally beaten the 50th battle in Super Singles Battle Maison! (Archived)Verkins112/10 4:54PM
Which _____ Gym Leader was the best? Day 7: Fire (Poll)
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ssupermario926812/10 4:39PM
Could Starmie counter Blaziken effectively? (Archived)
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Froakiebloke8112/10 4:22PM