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Making a Sylveon as a Christmas gift (Archived)
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SacredChaos1512/21 10:23AM
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Best place to EV train for Speed? (Archived)
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bwebber171412/21 10:17AM
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EV/IV training in old games (Archived)toadieman412/21 10:08AM
I stole a lot trainers' pokemon on Heartgold (Archived)
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3DiPadMini6G2212/21 10:08AM
Your Reaction - In the VERY SMALL print of Pokebank's T's and C's (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords1212/21 10:08AM
Mega pinsir build? (Archived)
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gumir1112/21 10:04AM
Banette on showdown still has insomnia when it mega -evolves (Archived)SOAD5657412/21 10:03AM
What secondary types would you want starters to have in Gen 7? (Archived)
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Starbound20135012/21 10:03AM
What's your friend safari like? (Archived)
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Ajenla1812/21 9:56AM
what happened to the good ole days when (Archived)clayton1123912/21 9:55AM