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Vs. Recorder? (Archived)deoxyscyclone412/21 1:06AM
can't wait to use thundurus tbh, so many sableye/kelfki around (Archived)inTaCtfuL212/21 12:52AM
What are the best places to grind HP and Defense Evs? (Archived)
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BahamutDragoon1112/21 12:50AM
Does Mega Aggron suck or am I just using it wrong? (Archived)
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DatTwo22312/21 12:28AM
Best match ever... (Archived)deoxyscyclone312/21 12:25AM
Tipping? What's the purpose? (Archived)cam0is0cool412/21 12:22AM
Sammurpt, stand up! (Archived)Windyligth112/21 12:18AM
I just beat the game...what do I do now lol (Archived)Skorupi612/21 12:16AM
Just hatched a shiny Honedge and need suggestions! (Archived)PokeFan20111012/21 12:13AM
Pretty sure my Jolly 252Ev 31IV Garchomp got outsped by (Archived)
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SOAD56571312/21 12:10AM
Dragon Dance Physical Lapras (Archived)
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Black Hayate1212/21 12:04AM
What are YOUR defensive Pokemon? (Archived)
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Gen04085412/21 12:04AM
Mega Lucario or Scizor for this team? (Archived)syaoran-kun312/21 12:01AM
Is the meta more physical reliant now? (Archived)arceus_mewtwo412/21 12:00AM
Lol pokemon breeding is really weird... (Archived)
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Kraven_XRLKB1312/20 11:59PM
carbink and florges make a good team (Archived)
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zombiabsol3712/20 11:54PM
Azumarill Sweep (Archived)xDeteaze412/20 11:49PM
recommend me a non-generic fire type that is actually good (Archived)
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gna6473712/20 11:49PM
Pokemon Black and White *HELP* (Archived)FlameVegaXV112/20 11:38PM
Can anyone help me fix my team? (Archived)Stanemac12512/20 11:34PM