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Pokemon you refuse to use? (Archived)
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Evilmanman14012/7 8:38PM
Good sixth for my team? (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis512/7 8:36PM
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Stealth Rocks Mamoswine? (Archived)deoxyscyclone612/7 8:26PM
How do I build Vaporeon in this meta? (Archived)legendarylemur312/7 8:25PM
Super heroes pokemon style (Archived)Ray5555512/7 8:21PM
Bonnie is just too ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster21812/7 8:13PM
Can someone please explain how this Grumpig outsped my Mega-Blaziken? (Archived)
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DiehardFFv21912/7 8:04PM
rotom dumpster diving (Archived)
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ultratspin1912/7 7:58PM
Do you prefer the battle gameplay before the physical-special split or after? (Archived)
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SeijiNL1712/7 7:57PM
Who do you really hope gets a Mega? (Archived)
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IDKSI8412/7 7:55PM
Does ditto transform into mega poke? (Archived)itachi00212/7 7:49PM
Does helping hand work with electroball? (Archived)megacp3312/7 7:48PM
I swear, Route 19 hates me (Archived)
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Xigbar7771512/7 7:47PM
How do you get Lucky Egg (Archived)Trackstarrunner312/7 7:44PM
is MM still taking place? (Archived)mantis143412/7 7:42PM
Trick Rain Team Suggetion (Archived)William6X912/7 7:41PM
Rate my first Battle Maison team (Archived)XxOblivion77212/7 7:36PM
graphic glitch in battles? (Archived)chelth712/7 7:23PM