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Question about passing on Hidden Abilities (Archived)Nathbuds123312/23/2013
Mega Gengar with Destiny Bond? (Archived)ObtuseAngina412/23/2013
Mandibuzz EV spread? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer412/23/2013
Is it worth getting rid of a legendary for MaxIV ditto or IV5 ditto? (Archived)GameEnforcer512/23/2013
You know since its the holidays... (Archived)Nathbuds123512/23/2013
Scyther, Scizor, and relearned moves (Archived)Vorzakh222712/23/2013
What haven't you done in the game yet? (Archived)
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Trading from old versions (Archived)Yendor007312/23/2013
Where can you catch Barboach and Magikarp in Y? (Archived)Bugorchestra212/23/2013
Now that's what I call a battle (Archived)Aurawhisperer112/23/2013
Isn't tomorrow Japan's PokeBank day? (Archived)Magnetronous712/23/2013
Should they fix/patch the god-awful framerate (IYO)? (Poll)
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Your best friend turns in to this Pokemon. (Archived)
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Funbro banned from showdown. (Archived)
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What is Funbro exactly? (Archived)
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Gen 6 Starters Moves (Archived)Saminu212/23/2013
Is this Arcanine flawless? (Archived)kokobeng100001012/23/2013
Y'know, looking at Aurorus, it's actually pretty decent. (Archived)
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Pokemon ev training (Archived)Awsome_dude9000412/23/2013
After losing 10 BP, Is Fire blast sill better than Overheat on CS Chandelure? (Archived)
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