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Trading 31/31/31/X/31/31 sand veil adamant gabite for other 5iv pokemon (Archived)s1zz1er312/2 10:42PM
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lucario why?! (Archived)
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Koffing4241212/2 10:32PM
I guess I have to stop MMing a Staryu in my W2..... (Archived)FryDays5000612/2 10:30PM
Ev training certain pokemon (Archived)sing_lioness612/2 10:30PM
Deciding on a team (considering certain Pokemon from my PC Box) (Archived)m2k13412/2 10:26PM
Terrains in competitive use? (Archived)zelionx212/2 10:26PM
What TERRIBLE ideas has someone shared with you? (Archived)
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WolfJounin1912/2 10:24PM
I am going to attempt to breed the perfect Clauncher... (Archived)fuzzylittlbunny612/2 10:24PM
Shinys (Archived)Bazinga99990212/2 10:21PM
Need advice/analysis on which 6 of these 15 I should use. Free BP items, 4/5IV.. (Archived)
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Keldonis1612/2 10:20PM
Xerneas/Yveltal Natures (Archived)helloothar412/2 10:20PM
Are mega evolutions "mandatory" (Archived)
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geno212412/2 10:16PM
I'm so sick of HMs being terrible moves. (Archived)
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TheFAQKing2312/2 10:12PM
Summary of GTS Pokemon (Archived)Majikn712/2 10:10PM
egg move mothers (Archived)vinhamon212/2 10:10PM
What's your least favorite gym in the series? (Archived)
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Rupin_Salesman4512/2 10:09PM
This is me every time I get crushed by maternal bonds (Archived)Dordray212/2 10:03PM
Wobbuffet EVs: 252 HP rest in defenses or 252 in defenses rest in HP? (Archived)
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Animako1112/2 10:01PM