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Confirmed: No one has a Snorunt Friend Safari (Archived)
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xJehodx2311/20 8:21PM
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One simple way to stop hackers. (Archived)
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Is this moveset and EV spread good for my Mega Venusaur? (Archived)CODwiiiVIP123211/20 8:14PM
2nd episode of Pokemon Origins and it's already stupid (Archived)
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Benify1711/20 8:14PM
It seems like max repel doesnt work (Archived)skatecboy45811/20 8:14PM
What way should I try to get a shiny Honedge? (Poll)
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LagoonTheCursed1111/20 8:13PM
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Why kangaskhan? Why? (Archived)Nopegineer411/20 8:07PM
In your opinion: what's the best event pokemon? (Archived)
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toothpiq2011/20 8:07PM
T-Flame and Mega Kangaskan are going to Ubers (Archived)
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spincyclematt3611/20 8:06PM
Help With Mega Lucario Moveset (Archived)kingdjk811/20 8:06PM
Which would be the better male parent right now? (Archived)jchernanr411/20 8:05PM
keep this mewtwo? (Archived)killermoose69411/20 8:04PM
How are you running your tyranitar (Archived)
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mrpurple19931111/20 8:03PM