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Does anyone know what Pokerus does in this game? (Archived)Kira78512/22/2013
i hope hackers find a way to make a pokegen this gen (Archived)MartinBrodeur712/22/2013
So, now that i finally bred a talonflame i feel like its too cheap to use (Archived)drlolimaster612/22/2013
Mega Aggron= Godly tank (Archived)
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Help me with my Flygon !? (Archived)
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uhhh should i reset my excadrill's EV's? (Archived)gna647612/22/2013
The Kalos region mark thing is pretty stupid in design (Archived)RemixDeluxe512/22/2013
I'm glad Game Freak finally nerfed Talonflame. (Archived)
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Evolite Users (Archived)Shadow_Chaos_7712/22/2013
Would this ability be OP? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife612/22/2013
Looking for a sixth team member (Archived)kirbydude385612/22/2013
I got cheated. (Archived)
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Evolutions I Should 'Wait' On? (Archived)StrykeBlayde812/22/2013
Confurm or Deny? (Archived)john151bacardi512/22/2013
More Yveltal than Xerneas (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis1012/22/2013
Can someone explain why Mixed Aegislash MAY be better than Physical Aegislash? (Archived)Sygma011012/22/2013
My 3DS broke, can I use my save file in a new system? (Archived)
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c/d: this would be a fun change of pace (Archived)KefkaPalazzo812/22/2013
If Ditto copies Shuckle (Archived)jEr3mY212/22/2013
Lucario, should I catch my own or wait for Korrina's? (Archived)
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