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Typing effectiveness confusion (Archived)
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bwebber173511/26 10:47PM
(Hail Team) evaluation/ help with fending off steals like aegislash (Archived)PlatinumSaysHi411/26 10:42PM
Exadrill Adamant or Jolly (Archived)
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Nate5451111/26 10:40PM
DAMN THIS GAME's BALLS! (Archived)MasterSpectrobe411/26 10:39PM
It's official: Pawniard is my new favourite Pokemon. (Archived)StellaLunaris411/26 10:33PM
Are there pokemon pogs? (Archived)kah1011/26 10:32PM
the coolest shiny pokemon ever (Archived)Bryan_Skull311/26 10:32PM
I have a question (Archived)jsmaster72411/26 10:30PM
How to breed a hp fire Magnemite? (Archived)jucaa711/26 10:29PM
Hariyama (Archived)
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Jaricko1211/26 10:28PM
:o my pkmn world has been revolutionized! advice? (Archived)lilaznbearjojo211/26 10:26PM
why does everyone assume mega gengar is a sweeper? (Archived)
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inTaCtfuL2411/26 10:23PM
I just heard that before Pokemon was a video game, it was an anime. (Archived)Darkraiomb611/26 10:23PM
that suicune (Archived)ryu68211/26 10:23PM
whut? earthquake and rock slide dont hit twice on mega kangaskhan? (Archived)
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MegaDuran1111/26 10:22PM
What are the best natures to get in this game? (Archived)Coryo61827511/26 10:21PM
I don't get the Battle Chateau... (Archived)random_man9119811/26 10:19PM
Newly hatched question (Archived)NinjaGirl0722411/26 10:16PM
Breeding Pokemon Question (Archived)NINDOX411/26 10:16PM
I can't belive TCG is doing some things better than the main game (Archived)Aldath811/26 10:12PM