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Apparently, someone caught this on (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson4112/12 10:23AM
when is the shiny value determined? (Archived)RemixV4712/12 10:18AM
Aegislash Question (Archived)AndroxineVortex312/12 10:17AM
Yo how do i attract higher leveled trainers to the maison (Archived)mujiha412/12 10:15AM
Kurvaz Special Ops team help. (Archived)Lord_Barioth112/12 10:10AM
flash fire question (Archived)cfeuer1312/12 10:08AM
Sign up for the new RP! Pokemon: Ultimate fighting tournament! (Archived)
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Pendragon710372112/12 10:08AM
Is posting a pic of female machamp b7? (Archived)ReachOutToTruth512/12 10:05AM
Advice on team. Help appreciated. (Archived)kai013812/12 10:05AM
Buddha can we get a new wifi event already? (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises1612/12 9:57AM
So I encountered a Passerby with 870+ Hours and 1700+ Trades... (Archived)
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GatedSunOne3912/12 9:57AM
Arceus can we get a new wifi event already? (Archived)RotomGuy3312/12 9:56AM
What's your first shiny in x/y (Archived)
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Jamesccg5812/12 9:55AM
These should be HAs for Groudon and Kyogre (Archived)Crabhammar512/12 9:54AM
Which Kalos Gym leader would you replace on the next game(s)? (Archived)
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john151bacardi4112/12 9:53AM
My friends and I are doing a wonder trade battle (Archived)destalt812/12 9:43AM
Could Red Card possibly trigger Pursuit? (Archived)Lucidious89412/12 9:35AM
Question about IV breeding. (Archived)JPSVR412/12 9:34AM
Idea: Need a bad Pokemon champion (Archived)
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NeotheLight1112/12 9:28AM
Why in the sweet hell can Roselia learn Dazzling Gleam... (Archived)
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DukeGogoat1612/12 9:28AM