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Why do people use Brave Bird and not Acrobatics (Archived)jEr3mY812/20/2013
2 masuda method gets in less than 2 days o.o what should i hunt next? (Archived)
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Anyone use Pokemon Global Link? (Archived)Beenabo312/20/2013
Kirila should be used for romance scenes. (Archived)NeotheLight312/20/2013
Shiny breeding (Archived)sirnavy312/20/2013
which eggs hatch the fastest? (Archived)
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Stupid Limits In Pokemon Games (Archived)ZombieTJ101212/20/2013
ITT: Pokemon that will not move up a tier even with a Mega. (Archived)supremeblaster612/20/2013
I swear my workplace has good Shiny Feng shui... (Archived)VergilsGirl312/20/2013
help me w/ my team sil vous plait :) (Archived)XxMajorMattXx312/20/2013
Take a break from hacking topics and help rate my team please :) (Archived)
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Heat wave chandelure. (Archived)Xavuu212/20/2013
Features that make you think GF lost their freaking mind (Archived)
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Could I have done better? (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq312/20/2013
We all lost because of a missed attack but how many here lost due to low damage (Archived)Roc_Raida612/20/2013
Speedy physical mon with ice and fire? (Archived)meestermj1012/20/2013
That feeling you get when you breed the perfect IV poke after 5 hours (Archived)
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Possible Glitch? (Archived)
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Can we all agree that Gen V was the best Gen? (Archived)
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If you were to complete a legitimate living Pokedex (Archived)
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