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Instacheck network help (Archived)Pictocheat111/20 7:51PM
I know how Game Freak can stop Pokemon hackers forever. All they have to do is (Archived)
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CakeOfLies1311/20 7:50PM
the next person that says (Archived)
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grrayson2611/20 7:49PM
Wobbuffet evs? (Archived)notacos211/20 7:49PM
How much chance shiny? (Archived)Jontalbain22211/20 7:48PM
Shipping Topic (Archived)
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adismaltheft1911/20 7:47PM
Is Mewtwo still worth using without Mega? (Archived)
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SazukeEX1711/20 7:46PM
So what are the odds of... (Archived)TopStarRacer311/20 7:43PM
Cofagrigus will probably be the best way to stop Talonflame (Archived)
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Genericgamer6673211/20 7:35PM
Help checking trainer shiny value? (Archived)KamiKon111/20 7:31PM
Where can I find Protean Kecleon? (Archived)
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adismaltheft1511/20 7:29PM
How to counter scarfed Garchomp? (Archived)
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barbicud1711/20 7:28PM
Team advice (Archived)Raven8SP311/20 7:26PM
What happened to my Global Link account if I restart the game? (Archived)Pupu27211/20 7:25PM
YR:Pokemon with megas can use eviolite (Archived)selkie1997111/20 7:23PM
Help me with my team? :) (Archived)Minjo26511/20 7:23PM
Facade damage calculations (Archived)
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SSBMAYHEM1111/20 7:21PM
Man, being paralyzed 5 turns in a row never gets old. (Archived)ShadowMaster684511/20 7:21PM
Do most Japanese player adhere to the Smogon's rules?? (Archived)
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mattfrank3511/20 7:16PM
Best EV spread for Forretress? (Archived)Oreos74111/20 7:16PM