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Of the 4 next potential Pokemon games, what are you looking forward to the most? (Poll)
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Latias0071612/13 6:52AM
5IV Articuno, probably 100 soft reset (Archived)fedor-machine212/13 6:45AM
is quick feet bugged? (Archived)
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ruination541212/13 6:41AM
I like Cynthia. (Archived)
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IngSlayer1812/13 6:36AM
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If my prankster meowstic isn't using offensive moves, will I need speed ev's? (Archived)JPSVR712/13 6:11AM
So thirty % burn chance= ninety, and ninety percent accuracy= thirty (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger312/13 6:10AM
cant access Eshop (Archived)ultimatepawner512/13 6:08AM
Instachecking, battle analyzer, and cloning is cheating IF.. (Archived)
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KryIon_Kid3012/13 6:06AM
Heatran's Magma Storm power reduced? (Archived)R-A-V412/13 6:04AM
Is/Should Garchomp stay Uber in Gen6? (Archived)ThePrincee412/13 6:02AM
I love the irony when this guy calls me cheap (Archived)
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GilgameshSwords2312/13 5:58AM
I'm just not meant to beat super singles. (Archived)
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Mienchise1212/13 5:58AM
Anyone mind giving me tips on how to build a team around MCharX and Scizor? (Archived)morlock30312/13 5:57AM