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Slowking or Slowbro? (Archived)DavemanCosman712/8 2:52PM
Pokemon Vs. Digimon Topic (Archived)
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BlackAgumon52512/8 2:52PM
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Mirror move. Funny and/or awsome happenings. (Archived)perkb112/8 2:41PM
So every week we get a whining topic about Serebii's POTW ... (Archived)
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Chenmaster21112/8 2:41PM
First Competitive Team (Archived)HenryLikesPIe412/8 2:35PM
Pseudo RNG breeding question (Archived)Modalsoul37112/8 2:35PM
Rate my team? (Archived)
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RedRiolu4471412/8 2:29PM
Let's make all of the HM moves (that currently suck) good (Archived)
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SorceressTharja2312/8 2:27PM
Sparrowmon Vs. Latios & Latias! who would win? (Archived)BlackAgumon5512/8 2:23PM
IVs other than 31 (Archived)donkeykongjr912/8 2:20PM
The best nickname for Tyrantrum is Uncle Roy (Archived)PhoenixRush512/8 2:20PM
What is VGC and where are the locations? (Archived)zetsu345512/8 2:18PM
How are people getting gengar with disable this generation? (Archived)the_van_kid512/8 2:16PM
Are any of these Delphox sets viable? (Archived)
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mijuwott2112/8 2:13PM
What's the number of obtainable Pokemon as of now? (Archived)
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Magnetronous1112/8 2:09PM
EV spread on mega scizor? (Archived)davinthegreat98312/8 2:04PM
Isn't this mewtwo technically mewthree? (Archived)3DSRec612/8 2:04PM
Should I keep this Zygarde? (Archived)Ari917712/8 2:03PM
Is it ok to be scared to ever use -def or -sp.def natures? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife912/8 1:56PM