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Funbro.. They make it too easy!! Mwahahaha!!!! (Archived)
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2DS Pkmn X Bundle. (Archived)Kapuxa312/19/2013
Which gen would you say was the most "Important" (Poll)
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Is Chesnaught considered OU? (Archived)
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Does anyone actually use the Egg RNG Method? (Archived)Wyvern56712/19/2013
If I transfer my Togekiss over from White.... (Archived)LucarioLatiosDS312/19/2013
wait so how long is the tailwind's effect? (Archived)poldual212/19/2013
So if Dragonite had a Mega... (Archived)MrSaturn1112/19/2013
How rampant was hacking in previous generations? (Poll)
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Testing shiny hunting luck (Archived)gamemaster712112/19/2013
any obtainable legendary in trade for specfic shinys (Archived)zerostar15112/19/2013
Here's a twist. The worst generation of Pokemon games... (Poll)
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Do you believe Mega Gengar is broken? (Poll)kirbydude385912/19/2013
Fastest way to hatch Pokemon? (Archived)Kooky_von_Koopa612/19/2013
Swagsire with +2 Defenses laughs at everything (Archived)
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Ugh... got so far... (Archived)GoldenPower89512/19/2013
Funbro counter... (Archived)
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My first team that gives me good results. Rate it pls! (Archived)thiaguinhohp312/19/2013
lol banned pokemon (Archived)
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finally caught my 1st X&Y shiny (Archived)TAZZisCOOL112/19/2013