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What if Pokemon got online lobbies for battling? (Archived)ultimaDIA212/11 9:28AM
anyone else hate how every gen adds less and less stuff (Archived)
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fakefire4712/11 9:25AM
Glaceons hidden ability (Archived)zeldalord512/11 9:24AM
Just had first wifi battle (code inside) (Archived)supremeblaster412/11 9:04AM
monotype battle :D (Archived)darcyds112/11 8:53AM
Is Mega Abomasnow a bad thing to have on trick room team? (Archived)On_The_Edge712/11 8:51AM
Probability on breeding 6IV with 2 5IV pokemon: similar or different non-31 IV? (Archived)alpachec612/11 8:49AM
I'm going to buy an all white outfit and parade myself as an Ice type Gym Leader (Archived)
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cgreenw3312/11 8:43AM
pokeradar and synchronize (Archived)majorme103412/11 8:43AM
My God Lumiose City is incredibly frustrating to navigate (Archived)
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kabigon201312/11 8:36AM
How to use Smeargle? (Archived)thiaguinhohp412/11 8:35AM
low level blissey?! (Archived)DrSmiley72912/11 8:35AM
stars??? (Archived)DrSmiley72512/11 8:32AM
PP Up/Max in Super Training? (Archived)FarmerGeddon512/11 8:23AM
What's a good substitute for Hidden Power Ice on Jolteon?? (Archived)
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Dsurions_Wrath1912/11 8:22AM
How viable is guard swap mega medicham? (Archived)Frostheat_22112/11 8:12AM
Favorite Pokemon town song????? (Archived)bi0hazardxox812/11 8:10AM
If the Johto region was the first and Kanto third, would happened if it did? (Archived)moneyman82812/11 8:04AM
dying man in anister city en the old women who is waiting for someone (Archived)csnorlax312/11 8:01AM
Rate my team, please? (Archived)ReachOutToTruth412/11 8:00AM