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I got a 1IV Scyther from the parents: HP/Atk/Def/SpD and Atk/Def/SpD/Spe (Archived)LagoonTheCursed1012/16 5:50PM
Wow Whimsicott is amazing. (Archived)spealfan444712/16 5:50PM
Never give up. Never have doubt. (Archived)
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discodancer774112/16 5:41PM
Is my Umbreon glitched with Special Defense? (Archived)
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BrettyWhite1912/16 5:32PM
Wow that was close! (Archived)
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kazooie9591712/16 5:31PM
Best gen 1 (or an evolution of a gen 1) pokemon team? (Archived)aydosv512/16 5:22PM
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How does everyone have so many shinies? (Archived)
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xDarkGrimlonx2112/16 5:19PM
Anyone else not touch FE:A after Pokemon X and Y came out? (Poll)
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Wyvern562212/16 5:18PM
Fairy Tale Girls (Archived)
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Emerald_Melios1712/16 5:18PM
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Poke transfer question... Soul silver to black (Archived)BMorgn66712/16 4:50PM
is stunfisk op? (Archived)Hail_Berserk512/16 4:49PM