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So how would i SR for a Ditto Safarii? (Archived)TypeGSiR612/3 3:11PM
What was the last Pokemon that you were breeding? (Archived)
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Has Anyone Compiled a Location List for Vivilon? (Archived)JediMutant812/3 3:00PM
Help Building Rain Team (New to Competitive Battles) (Archived)
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TheGrayFoxLives4112/3 2:56PM
RMT: VGC 2014 Sun - Revised (Archived)Dordray912/3 2:50PM
YR: Swarm now gives +1 priority to all Bug moves. (Archived)ChapFromKrugis1012/3 2:47PM
Restarting game, some questions.(spoilers?) (Archived)BlackHole001912/3 2:44PM
Goodra should've been Dragon/Fairy imo (Archived)RX02Banshee1012/3 2:35PM
What's a reliable counter to Sticky Web? (Archived)
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SazukeEX1712/3 2:35PM
thoughts on aggron (Archived)dowbear2512/3 2:35PM
So about these weather nerfs... (Archived)Khemikooligan712/3 2:33PM
Any word on rating battles? Or the Battle Analyzer? (Archived)-Unowninator-812/3 2:26PM
What would be the perfect Charizard? (Archived)
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Demon_Shark3212/3 2:21PM
Got a foreign Ditto with great IVs. Which should I MM first? (Poll)CakeOfLies612/3 2:14PM
Wrist pain? (Archived)Buskowski1012/3 2:14PM
Trade evos still occur at level 100, correct? (Archived)MasterSword546412/3 2:03PM
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The OU-est of OU teams battle (Archived)jameslawl112/3 2:00PM
Meowstic (F) has class. (Archived)Exaetellus112/3 1:48PM
Why does everybody do their shiny hunting in the Friend Safari? (Archived)BaboonMan123712/3 1:46PM