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ok so Salamance Noivern or Garchomp? (Archived)
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Saidie1211/27 7:49PM
I am victorious. congratulate me (Archived)
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BlackHorse69692011/27 7:45PM
Mega stones being unloseable is hella stupid imo (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger1911/27 7:43PM
Nickname Help (Archived)
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andrewx721311/27 7:40PM
scizor without max atk iv still usable? (Archived)
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blahzer1111/27 7:39PM
Battle Maison hax... *faints* (Archived)
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Help with a Nickname? (Archived)
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TaniLee1211/27 7:25PM
Has anyone beat the Battle Maison's Super single Course? (Archived)JeremyAG98311/27 7:20PM
Checking Shiny Values (Archived)
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Stormatix2311/27 7:19PM
so those mega stones can you get more of the same kind (Archived)SavageSunbobo711/27 7:14PM
Dragalge or Noivern? (Archived)
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Deimir1111/27 7:04PM
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