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I've hatched a shiny Charmander through MM a few days ago. (Archived)LazorFist612/18/2013
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Celebi awarder for using Pokemon bank (Archived)
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Rate my Team (Archived)faireytayl112/18/2013
I think "XY2" are more likely than Z. -spoilers and baseless speculation inside- (Archived)
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Wonder Trade and HMs (Archived)ThaLank512/18/2013
Is using 2 pokemon with the same ability banned / frowned upon (Archived)giants9281712/18/2013
Things X/Y got right, and things needed to still fix for Z. (Archived)
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Just caught a hp ice zapdos that's modest with 4 perfect ivs celebration topic (Archived)ut2k3812/18/2013
Character Battle: Pokemon Version! (Full Tournament and Tiers) (Archived)Emi3280512/18/2013
Does Brave Bird have priority (Archived)
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Whats your favorite bird Pokemon? (Archived)
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Good job smogon. Now ban genesect again. (Archived)kabigon20412/18/2013
In 10 days, Heatran returns. (Archived)
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Just get in my balls ditto (Archived)LightningAce11812/18/2013
Getting Hidden Abilities in Friend Safari (Archived)blargargy312/18/2013
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How to fully EV train in under 15 minutes (Archived)MeleeMaster61012/18/2013