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Rate my Greninja pls (Archived)thiaguinhohp512/9 11:02PM
Apparently Talonflame is currently #1 on XY, and #2 on Pokebank XY (Archived)
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Exaetellus3312/9 10:57PM
Is a physical Greninja viable? (Archived)
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TC98341912/9 10:55PM
other than the trade forum is there a way to find a HA Ralts? (Archived)
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leif01112/9 10:54PM
Power Trick Eviolite Doublade: advice? Recs? (Archived)
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Azure_Flame1712/9 10:52PM
Show off your in-game outfits (Archived)
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rojse8812/9 10:46PM
Quick question regarding PSS (Archived)21_21412/9 10:38PM
Breeding shines (Archived)tonyiskira512/9 10:32PM
hacked pokemon (Archived)
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guilhermerr263312/9 10:32PM
Is there any difference between the plots of the games? *Spoilers* (Archived)Brad527412/9 10:29PM
3DS Miiverse: You can't show screenshots of Pokemon X or Y. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman1012/9 10:26PM
Whats your favorite part about this game? (Archived)SweedishFeesh112/9 10:25PM
Well that felt like a waste (Archived)Shigmiya64212/9 10:22PM
Defensive Greninja Set? (Archived)
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chezmstr36732012/9 10:19PM
I must say, BlameTruth's Pokemon ARG was great.. (Archived)A_Sevenfold6661212/9 10:16PM
Breeding abilities and egg moves (Archived)Animako412/9 10:06PM
Lysandre tries to force immortality on the planet and Diantha tries to stop him. (Poll)
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DarkKirby25003912/9 10:00PM
Is there any hope for Greninja to get.. (Archived)A_Sevenfold6661712/9 9:57PM
I don't get the craze on Siebold (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh1012/9 9:55PM
can you use spore on a greninja with protean? (Archived)
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Bobo_Rex1112/9 9:55PM