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Which _____ Gym Leader was the best? Day 7: Fire (Poll)
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ssupermario926812/10 4:39PM
Could Starmie counter Blaziken effectively? (Archived)
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Froakiebloke8112/10 4:22PM
Question about Eeveelutions and Fairies (Archived)NDN_Shadow412/10 4:20PM
Substitute + Sand Veil does it work? (Archived)CheckmateD1412/10 4:20PM
Help me replace Zygarde on my competitive team? (Archived)Bigmac909412/10 4:20PM
Gravity is overpowered, why isn't it banned? (Archived)DemiseEnd312/10 4:16PM
Splash vs. Celebrate (Poll)Emerald_Melios312/10 4:12PM
I can counter glaceon with Salamence, right? (Archived)
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GloryChaos1212/10 4:09PM
Why does Draco Meteor miss at least 95% of the time?! (Archived)SkeIeton712/10 4:07PM
Ev spread for Espeon and Sylveon? (Archived)JudgeMaster312/10 4:04PM
Tried the trading board but my computer is going buggy... (Archived)Bugorchestra112/10 4:03PM
Stole my shiny! (Archived)mantis143612/10 3:59PM
Is there a huge map with all the pokemon types in each area? (Archived)IrishBen312/10 3:55PM
So, are we all psychic? (Archived)FSN_Saber712/10 3:53PM
What is the longest it took you to IV breed the perfect Pokemon? (Archived)
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ThatGuyOverDer2712/10 3:51PM
Best Dragonite Build? (Archived)
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TigerDude71612/10 3:50PM
Dante's Egglocke Challenge. The Struggle is REAL! (Archived)
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TheDarksyde863112/10 3:49PM
Battle Maison Multi battle, anybody? (Archived)gunsndroses512/10 3:49PM
Mega Dragonite (Archived)
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gunsndroses3812/10 3:48PM
Trouble with evolving through friendship (Archived)chris_mecca712/10 3:47PM