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does M-kanghaskan do less damage on the second hit? (Archived)DoobieScooby911/25 7:54PM
Does delaying evolutions lower final stats at level 100? (Archived)
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KingCafe1211/25 7:51PM
Can Articuno Be Shiny If It Was Normal When I First Met Him? (Archived)
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LeviCelJir1411/25 7:44PM
Question about cloning (Archived)perfectchaos83111/25 7:42PM
Counter doesn't work on Ghost types (Archived)kclaujames211/25 7:37PM
Spoilers: About the story ending and AZ (Archived)ShiaCer711/25 7:37PM
Gothorita and evolved form worth using? (Archived)XCheapshotX311/25 7:35PM
A bit of confusion over what happens after the cover legend awakens (Spoilers) (Archived)MarkofWisdom111/25 7:35PM
Give your favorite Videogame Character a Pokompetitive makeover. (Archived)GatedSunOne1011/25 7:28PM
battle maison is tough.. (Archived)
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ssj1lucario2011/25 7:25PM
Battle Maison team (Archived)Cloudx6711/25 7:22PM
how do you capture a zangoose in a horde? (Archived)
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Falchionne2011/25 7:21PM
Beat up question. (Archived)Jaricko211/25 7:19PM
What would you do to buff Arcanine? (Archived)
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timirchand6244111/25 7:13PM
How many more ribbons I can give to my vaporeon? :3 (Archived)Chenmaster2711/25 7:13PM
Does sand boost ground and steel types now. (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon421111/25 7:13PM
First Time Board, need friends and more (Archived)Ragingform13211/25 7:12PM
talonflame (Archived)tonyiskira211/25 7:08PM
YR: The reward for completing the National Dex isn't the Shiny Charm, but rather (Archived)ChapFromKrugis711/25 7:08PM
Do you think Ninetales will make OU this gen? (Archived)
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iKhan881511/25 7:08PM