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Buy a Lucky Egg? (Archived)
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Argetlam121111/28 9:42PM
Looking for a spdef wall (Archived)
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urbinax2411/28 9:40PM
I hope charizard z is fire/fighting (Archived)
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EvolutionUber1411/28 9:40PM
You wake up in the world of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Archived)
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MizunoRyuu7311/28 9:40PM
Can you pass on vivillon's patterns through breeding? (Archived)Chenmaster2611/28 9:39PM
New team? (Archived)SuperHoagie111/28 9:34PM
How important would 31 IVs in HP be for Cloyster? (Archived)DKU_Arich411/28 9:33PM
Can to hack eggs to have perfect stats and be shiny? (Archived)GreatKiraLord611/28 9:30PM
Competetive Level (Archived)Shadicc911/28 9:30PM
Instacheck shiny egg question (Archived)Auron899711/28 9:22PM
Don't know what I should breed for next, any ideas? (Archived)
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gna6473311/28 9:20PM
How come nobody will battle me when I challenge them? (Archived)
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ThePokeMan981311/28 9:16PM
Lunatone and Kang outspeeding my Aero? (Archived)
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iRaithYou1211/28 9:14PM
I love Vaporeon now (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn711/28 9:13PM
How to get a 5 IV ditto? (Archived)pusho411/28 9:11PM
Any particular place you like to hatch your eggs? (Archived)
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Dark_Stormer1611/28 9:09PM
My pokemon's level wasn't set to lv50 (Archived)DarthJoolNoret511/28 9:07PM
EV spread for this Sylveon (Archived)Sygma01411/28 9:03PM
Wow, a Vanilluxe wrecked my Greninja and Scizor. (Archived)
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CarefreeDude4111/28 9:01PM
slow strategies? (Archived)The_LuXx611/28 9:00PM