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Oh man, BW2 boards when X/Y was first hinted at. (Archived)360pages311/17 11:38PM
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Does anyone else feel bad for beating Countess Edith? (Archived)
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jdchur21611/17 11:27PM
So,the Substitute nerf. Does that mean we'll see an even more offensive gen? (Archived)SalsaSavant611/17 11:25PM
Braixen is giving me a sad face in super training... (Archived)untrustful411/17 11:23PM
Remember when Gen 4 was reasonably liked? (Archived)
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pkmnpkmn2311/17 11:22PM
The RNG goddess blessed me! (Archived)Fowhawk511/17 11:13PM
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People who ask for legendaries on GTS (Archived)Sarioc911/17 11:06PM
Anyone find some hints at how to get shinies in friend safari? (Archived)Noctus3711/17 11:01PM
Question about the value of legendaries. (Archived)
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oozysauce1811/17 10:57PM
what should i evolve this eevee into? (Archived)
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hesu20001511/17 10:55PM
Best 4 for Maison super multi? (Archived)MetalGearPoose611/17 10:54PM
Do Pokemon Amie benefits appear in online battles? (Archived)rightzzzy411/17 10:52PM
Infestation + Toxic (Archived)
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Pervert_Kuhn1211/17 10:51PM
Is there any way to check the nature of a pokemon in the wild before catching it (Archived)gna647411/17 10:50PM
Lampent in friend safari doesn't have shadow tag. (Archived)LightningAce11911/17 10:49PM
Help with almost Perfect Ditto that I might have (Archived)walden_emrys711/17 10:48PM
So close ...... my Ralts is a male ........ *sighs* (Archived)CheckmateD1611/17 10:43PM
Mega ring upgrade? (Archived)LightningAce11311/17 10:39PM