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What are the good moves for Mamoswine for battle (Archived)ssssss1212912/19/2013
What are the most common perfectly bred Pokemon? (Archived)
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Is a cloned Pokemon still the original that you breed/caught? (Archived)StevenDrkPrince612/19/2013
I just beat someone non-lethaly (Archived)gna647112/19/2013
Best move set for Sylveon (Archived)Dante2049812/19/2013
Is winning with an annoyer team even satisfying? (Archived)Mattata5612/19/2013
Is breeding for Hidden Powers even worth it? (Archived)
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Does the poke creator app for iOS make legit pokemon? (Archived)
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Yveltal Stats and EV training (Archived)n0t4g4iN312/19/2013
Avalugg isn't that bad! (Archived)
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florges setup. (Archived)random_noobie1012/19/2013
Should I keep this Zygarde? (Archived)GravityPrism512/19/2013
Shiny madness with the poke radar (Archived)polarbearpkmn112/19/2013
Smogon People Are Right (Archived)chaosmagez512/19/2013
Which gen did it the best? Day 9 - User Interface (Poll)
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I know this isn't the board for this but... (Archived)Th30n1yZ34212/19/2013
So this guy traded me his dragonite with life orb for my 4 IV excadrill (Archived)gna647812/19/2013
If we can't have hacked Pokemon... (Archived)
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Barney and Booboo keys are downright amazing (Archived)King_of_Flan212/19/2013
I am the worst competitive battler ever. (Archived)
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