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Can Tyrantrum's pre-evolved form breed? (Archived)Ghostmonkey0909212/19/2013
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Why does anyone listen to Smogon? (Archived)Lightflame812/19/2013
Why does Smogon always ban good Pokemon! Why are they telling me what to do!! (Archived)
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So... knock off (Archived)Redmest812/19/2013
if there was a communication error during wifi battles, which one wins? (Archived)poldual412/19/2013
Pokemon Does Not Win GoTY; Zelda Gets it Instead (Gamespot) (Archived)
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Do you play with Battle Effects On? (Poll)
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Next generation will add a 7th IV, luck. (Archived)
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Pokebank. What does it means? (Archived)chrono_xz312/19/2013
I can't get Articuno (Archived)On_The_Edge512/19/2013
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Will i have to remove items for pokebank (Archived)erk13212/19/2013
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Is it possible to get a drain punch Breloom right now? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger212/19/2013
Which Mega Stones are X exclusive, Which ones are Y exclusive? (Archived)RemixDeluxe512/19/2013
Is Sand Rush Excadrill still in the Uber tier? (Archived)zelionx712/19/2013