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Best HM slave(s)? (Archived)BlazeAssassin612/3 2:13AM
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RBurrito1712/3 2:07AM
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Why doesn't Garydose get Crunch? (Archived)
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Doctor_Spanky1112/3 2:04AM
I'm gonna name my Sawk Marshawn Lynch and my Throh Russel Wilson, then beastmode (Archived)Jarred623412/3 2:02AM
What's a good anti-grass to put on a rain team? (Archived)
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Tomudall1612/3 1:29AM
Pokemon breaking out of critical capture? (Archived)
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LightningHawk901512/3 1:21AM
Who are good partners for mega gyarados in the battle maison? (Archived)Mienchise112/3 1:15AM
ITT: I am the GTS (Archived)
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LightningAce113212/3 1:13AM
Why do some pokes have hidden abilities if there's no way to get them? (Archived)3DSRec512/3 1:10AM
Battle Maison Super Singles and Doubles clear! (Archived)CaitSith3394212/3 1:10AM
Going to battle my friend. Some help with my team please..! (Archived)
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aris2241212/3 1:06AM
Does gyarados actually get access to any good Dark moves? (Archived)John_Dory412/3 1:03AM
I think fairly types are scary. (Archived)
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TheFAQKing2012/3 12:55AM
Has anybody ever tried to trade all the Legendary Birds to one game and... (Archived)Aorokusho812/3 12:54AM
Gen 6 Pokemon Tournament: Day 44 - Pyroar vs. Carbink (Poll)
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kirbydude3851212/3 12:41AM
How come your AI partner in Battle Maison on Team Double Battle had beady eyes? (Archived)faruway812/3 12:34AM
Who else for my team? (Archived)DarkLeemer912/3 12:27AM