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Does anyone use Agility-stall set on Deoxys-D? (Archived)Graves124512/19/2013
What are the details of Pokebank/Poke Transporter? (Archived)wiifan777512/19/2013
EV training an axew? (Archived)astrangeone512/19/2013
The Fennekin you get from that girl. (Archived)TheKillerwave512/19/2013
where is the bet place to hunt for a shiny deino/Zweilous (Archived)Ray5555312/19/2013
So... has there been any word on HOW we're supposed to pay for Poke Bank? (Archived)
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Please help building Doubles Trick Room Team (For Battle Spot/Maison) (Archived)RainboomBox1012/19/2013
Mega Blissey: +100 def, fairy type (Archived)
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TBH, my favorite part of the Kang ban... (Archived)
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Bold Sylveon (Archived)BlitzTHedgehog512/19/2013
Make a mega for a NU/RU pokemon. (Archived)
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So the next (and most likely final) mega that's in question of being banned* (Archived)
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Hoenn Sequel In 2014? (Archived)ZombieTJ1011012/19/2013
Would breeders be so hated if... (Archived)Rarehunter1012/19/2013
What do you run on your battle Dusknoir? (Archived)ruocco412/19/2013
How should I EV Train this Sylveon? (Archived)
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Worth finishing B/W2? (Archived)Meganium7612/19/2013
Blinded by strategy (Archived)
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Just found this on Facebook lmao: (Archived)Exaetellus1012/19/2013
Which Pokemon Should be the Next to Get Mega Evolutions? (Archived)
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