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Had an epiphany in explaining type retcons (Archived)kirbydude385412/15 1:57PM
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Since people are saying the battle was too easy (possible spoiler maybe?) (Archived)
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Summonearth1912/15 1:48PM
Metronome spam just yielded a move called "Hold Back" (Archived)Muffinz0rz812/15 1:46PM
What lvl should my pokes be for competitive play? (Archived)ssjlucario412/15 1:45PM
Pokecheck question (Archived)alex1_2_3_4_5312/15 1:44PM
The explain how pokemon attacks work game (Archived)
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choicespec2112/15 1:41PM
I'll say it again, BAN TALONFLAME! (Archived)
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Thenetbattler697512/15 1:41PM
Paul is the worst rival (Archived)kokobeng10000512/15 1:39PM
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Can you name all 69 new gen 6 pokemon? (Archived)
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BloodySeraphim3112/15 1:36PM
Does Power Herb Xerneas have any counters? (Archived)
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kingjam12912/15 1:35PM
I really hate how weather was nerfed (Archived)
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gamepimp125012/15 1:35PM
How to counter mega khan :D (Archived)JPSVR112/15 1:34PM
Just got owned by a Special attacking Gyrados. (Archived)MLaw3k112/15 1:33PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 5 - Rivals (Poll)
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ThatKipp6012/15 1:32PM
Vivillon Trouble (Archived)RoosterRed612/15 1:31PM
I just saw a Avalugg survive an Iron Head from Mega Mawile (Archived)ReachOutToTruth1012/15 1:30PM