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Question about building a defensive pokemon. (Archived)Graves124911/30 10:03PM
Ebay ( Selling Shinies) (Archived)
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Nate5453111/30 10:02PM
New to Breeding, Quick Question (Archived)xchaosx97511/30 10:01PM
Is there any way to check your statistics? (Archived)The Game Champion211/30 10:01PM
UGGGGH. Need help. (Archived)RecilpsEugor611/30 9:59PM
It's taking foreverrrrr to hatch my 5iv eevee (Archived)Tony_777911/30 9:55PM
Bandwagon Jump of the Day #6: -Klefki- (Poll)
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RotomGuy31211/30 9:53PM
What if one of my pokemon's stats reach 255? (Archived)TimmyLightyear611/30 9:51PM
Should Mega Kangaskhan go to ubers (Archived)
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Blackzero185811/30 9:50PM
Why do they have that badge obedience crap? (Archived)BrassBirch811/30 9:47PM
OK WTF? Why can't Kabuto breed with Blastoise? (Archived)
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TC98341111/30 9:41PM
Has anyone seen any legendaries in the Cafes(Cyllage, Lavere, Anistar)? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer511/30 9:39PM
Need Criticism For My 3v3 Singles Team (Archived)Zasben711/30 9:34PM
If I want to run Mega Venusaur, what kinds of party members should I look at? (Archived)RPGman1711/30 9:33PM
Is it sad that the "romance" that was rumored... (Archived)
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DMGirl2311/30 9:28PM
Just hatched a great Sheer Force Bagon. Now let's see when he learns Outrage... (Archived)
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CakeOfLies1611/30 9:24PM
So I just hatched a shiny cleffa without trying... (Archived)Waluigi_FOREVER611/30 9:23PM
Anyone bought the wal-mart XY with the pokemon? (Archived)Tiburtay311/30 9:19PM
Keep this Xerneas or soft reset? (Archived)xnoelz211/30 9:18PM
Wow, Wild Shinies Really Are Nerfed in this Game (Archived)
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Heracross171111/30 9:15PM