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I got Quacklin' from wondertrade! :D (Archived)selkie1997111/15 10:51PM
So uh... Pokegirls? (Archived)Pairedsnake311/15 10:49PM
Has anything been confirmed to happen once you obtain every piece of clothing? (Archived)Mattata5211/15 10:48PM
How do you handle Aegislash? (Archived)
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deoxyscyclone4111/15 10:44PM
Question about iv breeding... (Archived)smashbrosking00211/15 10:40PM
I wish you could still name your rival. (Archived)shadowenclave47511/15 10:39PM
We can all agree that Valerie is the most wonderful pokegirl ever created right? (Archived)
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Kogasa-Tatara4311/15 10:38PM
So, Monsoon Vivillon Region... (Archived)DigiDude77211/15 10:38PM
competitive help (Archived)XKazukiIkuzakX911/15 10:35PM
Going to start breeding a competitive team for the first time for Battle Maison (Archived)
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HellsController1211/15 10:35PM
Incinerate sucks. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman611/15 10:34PM
IV Breeding Aron's (Archived)Shadicc111/15 10:34PM
How easy would breeding be with 6IV Dittos after Pokemon Bank? (Archived)MillionGunmannn811/15 10:34PM
Rhyhorns must really like Serena (Archived)
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NME_Enterprises4211/15 10:29PM
Talonflame counters? (Archived)
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spincyclematt3211/15 10:27PM
Are AZ and his Floette Philosopher Stones? (Archived)CarbideTitan411/15 10:27PM
Dumping a bunch of Mareep/Spritzee/Goomy in the wonder trade (Archived)FefnirOmega13111/15 10:27PM
Does Knock Off work on Mega Stones? (Archived)andrewx72711/15 10:26PM
Robotnik is a "trainer" (Archived)
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Raven2361311/15 10:25PM
When you battle, do you change your lead? (Archived)Subsided411/15 10:20PM