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Hawlucha disappointment. (Archived)
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thomasfreid1711/23 12:06AM
Wonder Trade etiquette (Archived)
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SacredChaos2511/23 12:02AM
Help With Klefki's EV's (Archived)
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BMorgn661211/23 12:02AM
Does it matter at all if you have synchronise or trace on gardevoir(using mega) (Archived)Zerocrossings511/22 11:58PM
Floette safari (Archived)FefnirOmega13411/22 11:58PM
One thing I'm glad they skipped this generation... (Archived)
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wolfwing1211/22 11:56PM
Goodra or Chomp (Archived)
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Dante20491311/22 11:51PM
Anything new lately in terms of events, Pokebank, battles, etc? (Archived)SpecOpsz111/22 11:50PM
Mega Charizard Y needs to be banned (Archived)
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djmetal7773511/22 11:49PM
Can I get Trump Card out of breeding? (Archived)Person4411/22 11:48PM
Rate this pair for doubles - Kind of Gimicky but Eh (Archived)ctSuperChris1011/22 11:45PM
Mono-poison team suggestions (Archived)
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Inferno051911/22 11:40PM
How does a shiny Haunter look? (Archived)navi854311/22 11:39PM
Finally got my Oval Charm! (Archived)King_of_Flan711/22 11:28PM
Magnezone question (Archived)bwebber17111/22 11:28PM
Best nature for Zapdos? (Archived)Slayersfan211/22 11:28PM
Best way to get Sun Stones (Archived)WizardofHoth111/22 11:25PM
I want to do a Nuzlocke run but... (Archived)
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A_Sunbro2711/22 11:22PM
If there was a female version of Gary (Archived)Raven236811/22 11:21PM
Dear people on the GTS (Archived)zquabez1011/22 11:21PM