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Your Reaction: (Archived)ColtCababa812/15/2013
Another Showdown Video (Archived)KeeperOfShadows112/15/2013
I almost **** myself when I saw Cascoon in friend safari (Archived)Im_Cherche512/15/2013
What is the activation rate of Quick Claw on Battle Maison Pokemon? (Archived)
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FINALLY got a damn female HA Eevee after a week of breeding with Ditto (Archived)PkmTrainerAbram912/15/2013
How does Sableye learn trick? (Archived)darthmoose87412/15/2013
Soothe bell question (Archived)Ray5555212/15/2013
Showdown Replay: Baton Passer vs Baton Passser (Archived)zelionx212/15/2013
What's the first thing that you'll do after getting your Pokemon from Pokebank? (Archived)
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Question about pokebank (Archived)alvinkyle312/15/2013
Why do people run Foul Play over Confuse Ray on Sableye? (Archived)Knighted Dragon1012/15/2013
Seeing all these pro/anti hack topics pop up again, I got a proposition. (Archived)ssb_master312/15/2013
Rules for an egglocke? (Archived)Kalscension512/15/2013
How do I pronounce these words and names (Archived)
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Pokemon Breeders Disgust me! (Archived)
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RMT Troll (Archived)discodancer771012/15/2013
Okay, people really need to stop using the whole time excuse in favor of hacking (Archived)
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C/D: Pokemon is a glorfied version of rock paper scissors (Archived)
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Seriously, how is Talonflame viable? (Archived)
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Wow! I just beat this guy's OU team with 1 mere Slowbro! :,) (Archived)
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