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Why did Game Freak remove seasons? (Archived)
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Doctor_Spanky4612/8 11:49PM
Assault Vest Weezing. (Archived)AbysmalTrinity512/8 11:41PM
Why can't we have 6v6 in free battles? (Archived)TC9834312/8 11:38PM
Deerling&Poke Puffs? (Archived)LuciusLuster212/8 11:37PM
looking for a 6 on 6 battle (Archived)cowboyvt44312/8 11:32PM
Mega Pinsir - Storm Throw (Archived)
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Turtleatlaw1112/8 11:32PM
You know what would fit perfectly as a Victory Road theme? (Archived)DarthLaharl712/8 11:23PM
Shiny highlight of the day (Archived)Azure_Flame512/8 11:14PM
Possible bug in poke-amie? (Archived)N64Mario112/8 11:12PM
At the 12:56 mark in the Eevee and Friends short, what kind of move Sylveon did? (Archived)Chenmaster21012/8 11:11PM
Need help with my first 3 vs 3 competitive team (Archived)
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blastoise752112/8 11:08PM
Have gotten black screen error twice with this game (Archived)PhoenixRush312/8 11:07PM
Which unreleased HA Pokemon are you waiting for? (Poll)
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Wyvern561612/8 11:04PM
I just learned of a cool move called Rototiller (Archived)Mobile_Platform712/8 11:00PM
The accelerator power suit in the Looker missions. Spoliers alert (Archived)WizardofHoth312/8 10:51PM
I still don't understand.... (Archived)WitchBaby4200412/8 10:44PM
Friend Safari ppl icon is missing, but still can catch 3rd pokemon (Archived)kbjgxlm812/8 10:36PM
RMT- Noivern: Hurricane or Dragon Pulse? (Archived)toon_link_346912/8 10:31PM
Just fished up a shiny Skrelp... (Archived)Meta_L1nk312/8 10:26PM
I need a good moveset for my Charizard (Archived)C3isSwift412/8 10:25PM