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Is stunfisk a good choice?? (Archived)
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Help me with my team! (I'll give you stuff!) (Archived)
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Super Training vs EV training (Archived)
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Physically Defensive or Specially Defensive Mandibuzz? (Poll)calender68312/15/2013
Do you feel Mega Scizor's ability should've been one of these instead? (Poll)-Unowninator-612/15/2013
Who has the best hair in the series? (Poll)
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Do I need to evolve Pichu before I can breed with it? (Archived)jd_walker512/15/2013
Question about Breeding... (Archived)Safer_777812/15/2013
N, Red, or Cynthia? (Poll)
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Does STAB affect Foul Play? (Archived)srzg612/15/2013
Has anyone ever not gotten a Wonder Trade partner? (Archived)ultimaDIA1012/15/2013
How to get perfect IV dittos without friend safari? (Archived)FootballFan2312/15/2013
So, can you play this game on the same 3DS with two SD cards? (Archived)cgreenw312/15/2013
I always forget about the **** berry field (Archived)hyjinx17112/15/2013
Can someone please help me with evolving Togepi?Getting frustrated and desperate (Archived)jd_walker912/15/2013
what if instead of Z version they just make DLC that adds what Z would have? (Archived)
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