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83 turn Hackmons game vs. Eeveelution team: How I've learned to hate Eevee. (Archived)
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Hackers, anti-hackers, all this yahoo....let's come to an agreement (Archived)
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Man, why is it so hard to catch a Adamant ditto in Friend Safari? (Archived)
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zoroark is so hard to radar chain :( (Archived)gakend0412/16/2013
Make one Pokemon competitively viable by changing one thing about it. (Archived)
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Few (random) questions about breeding. (Archived)bb0x512/16/2013
so i went into super triple battles with a sandstorm team. (Archived)MegaDuran112/16/2013
Keep this Careful Zygarde? HP: 6 Att: 31 Def: 2 SpA: 31 SpD: 26 Speed: 31 (Archived)CA0001512/16/2013
A pretty entertaining battle, enjoy :) (Archived)SilphSpectre212/16/2013
Can I catch a Corsola with hidden ability in Safari? (Archived)Pupu27212/16/2013
Why do you hate hackers? Without them the Phantom Society would steal our souls! (Archived)ReachOutToTruth712/16/2013
What the **** is going on with Showdown? See inside. (Archived)
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What sort of new Pokemon can I evolve Eevee into in this one? (Archived)
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Help with lead Ttar move set (Archived)CheeseOmen412/16/2013
Can you see... (Archived)sunxenxyden412/16/2013
I got curious about Flying Press and dual type attacks... (Archived)Mx4_1204912/16/2013
Don't you hate it when...... (Archived)
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Rate the nickname game (Archived)
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I'm disappointed that the "Sushi Pokemon" rumor wasn't true (Archived)ReachOutToTruth512/16/2013
Breeding Help (Archived)0AbsolutZero0112/16/2013