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One of the things I miss from Gen 2 thats hardly present in Pokemon games since (Archived)RemixDeluxe1011/29 7:08AM
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Nomorice4U2511/29 6:58AM
Team Based Around This Espeon? (Archived)phonicphoenix311/29 6:53AM
Does anyone even like Volbeat/Illumise? (Archived)Hydreigoon911/29 6:51AM
Don't forget to take your rare "Displaymons" off GTS. (Archived)
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BackwardCap1311/29 6:41AM
question about rated battles (Archived)ratchetxysc211/29 6:28AM
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Does evolving pokemon at later lvls effect over all stats? (Archived)
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euklb1211/29 5:58AM
How rare is the jungle pattern for vivillon around here? (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq711/29 5:54AM
The point of the masterball? (Archived)
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Apollo_God2611/29 5:48AM
Breeding Question, Please Help (Archived)The_Undest411/29 5:36AM
Perfecf IVs (Poll)Animako911/29 5:24AM
Ambipom is the ultimate check to everything, He must be in ubers. (Archived)immrsmith311/29 5:24AM
Help me make a good Noivern! (Archived)
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thenewgodofwar12011/29 5:06AM
To the people who are complaining about the pokebank cost... (Archived)
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trigga061311/29 5:03AM
Masuda Method question. (Archived)Raltrios211/29 4:34AM
Just a question, is it easy to have someone check your egg SV? (Archived)enbuoh511/29 4:30AM
ITT - Let's make sense of Pokemon abilities! (Archived)john151bacardi411/29 4:25AM