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Why can't I buy girls clothing? (Archived)
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Smogoon1611/22 1:37AM
Anyone else think N and Ghetsis are from Kalos? (Archived)
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crunchy6121311/22 1:35AM
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Mega Absol - The most underrated Mega Evolution (A competitive analysis) (Archived)
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Donniedonz2011/22 1:32AM
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BodomDeathroll1411/22 1:24AM
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Question about the ability Thunder Fang-- and about egg moves (Archived)Akira_259711/22 1:17AM
need help spawning "aerial ambush" on victory road (Archived)
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notespeller21111/22 1:14AM
Y/R: the next pokemon movie introduces a mega stone for Pikachu (Archived)
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MaruKazeryu2611/22 1:10AM
Back in 1995 kids grew up with Pokemon were balls, eggs and slime. (Archived)
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LightningAce111211/22 1:09AM
Egg moves question (Archived)Eludesion311/22 1:08AM
2 Badges in, is trying for a shiny Nidoran M worth it? (Archived)meestermj411/22 1:06AM
Can Pokemon inherit egg moves from parents that have inherited them? (Archived)Azure_Flame411/22 1:05AM