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I always forget about the **** berry field (Archived)hyjinx17112/15/2013
Can someone please help me with evolving Togepi?Getting frustrated and desperate (Archived)jd_walker912/15/2013
what if instead of Z version they just make DLC that adds what Z would have? (Archived)
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Alright, so I got Pokegen... (Archived)
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Rather than having a name filter, they should just rename inappropriate names (Archived)CarefreeDude912/15/2013
Looks like Nintendo wants to put Bill and his PC out of business. (Archived)Chenmaster2612/15/2013
Can Smeargle sketch geomancy? (Archived)ReachOutToTruth512/15/2013
Gallade Moveset (Archived)Ethanb900212/15/2013
How to chain breed Play Rough on Cubone (Archived)Ren-Drako512/15/2013
What if Mirror B (Archived)boarbaque212/15/2013
first ever (Archived)
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Those battle restaurants.. (Archived)ssjlucario1012/15/2013
IV breeding question (Archived)pokefan11221412/15/2013
Pokemon that the third dimension does not treat well (Archived)
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Keep this Mewtwo? (Archived)guwa312/15/2013
Just had my very first online Battle ever in this game [VS Recorder Match] (Archived)DeathChaos25712/15/2013
Wobbuffet EV and Move questions (Archived)firehockey91612/15/2013
Can we view our battle videos online, instead of using VS recorder? (Archived)CarefreeDude512/15/2013
TM Girl in Anistar's Pokemon Center (Archived)GhostBabyZero412/15/2013
Best Aromatherapy/Heal Bell User? (Archived)
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